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hi, I want to create simple mod about stormtroopers. Where you fight for empire against rebel scum.

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Hi my name is Kazoks

I want to start new mod about strom-troopers. where you are an imperial and fight against rebel scums.

1) The main idea is: you start mission in the Star destroyer (like KOTOR or SWTOR).
2) you could fight in rebel planets (Yavin, Balmora, Hoth, Orion IV, Sulustus and Mon Cala).
3) The main enemies could be Rebel Alliance and Jedi (Skywalker, Katarn and other).

The problem is that i am not very good at modding. At the moment i am trying to create Star Destroyer interior.

I also need more enemies for this mod: rebel soldiers, pilots, terrorists, spec-units and rebel alien species.

I am thinking about rebel tank and other stuff.

All the help are well come. This is my first mod ever:D

Need real help for this mod, cant do it alone.

At the moment i am working on star destroyer( siege SD map) and i have two choices:

1) create SD with lifts.

2) create SD with portals (like in endora battle mod).

Victory cross section


it would be a great idea ^^

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if you make that under 1 category give from a hangar to engines make the train as in jk2.

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