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Informations about the current Update for the Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Beta.

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Hello everyone,

since the beta release yesterday we've received a lot of great bug reports on our bug tracker as well as a lot of help in tracking down crashes on Discord. Thank you all for your support on our road to the first stable release 1.0. We now have the first minor update to the client and server files ready for you.

Here's a quick list of changes

  • Added a warning box if you're running an outdated build
  • Fixed various crashes (both server and client)
    • Fixed a possible heap corruption in the server
    • Fixed a possible access to deleted memory in the server that happened in certain situations on player disconnect
    • Fixed a crash that would happen if you pass width or height 0 into the WebUIWindow, we now have a log message in Scripting.log and the WebUIWindow is not being created
    • We fixed a crash in our graphics code that could cause the client to crash in some situations
    • We changed some code to hopefully fix a large number of crashes related to player destroy (happens on disconnect and stream out)
    • Possible fix for the #1 client crash we have in our collected dumps, which is related to havok
    • Possible fix for crashes related to JC3 processing AI stuff
    • Fixed a crash when the resulting size of a webui after resize would below 1 on width or height
  • Added additional debugging code for tracking down some problems
    • In cases of some players not being able to start there was some code that does something with crypto in windows, we added some diagnostics to that, we may have fixed the issue but we still added messages for diagnostics
    • We changed how pure function calls are handled, they now should generate a dump file instead of just showing a message box
  • Added emergency shutdown when a server hang is detected
    • This should allow auto-restart scripts to work properly
  • Fixed allowing server images of incorrect dimensions being usable for announcing to the masterlist
  • Some changes to the Select JustCause3.exe dialog, it now filters for JustCause3.exe to prevent people from selecting the wrong executable
  • Updated the documentation
  • Fixed the linux server not generating any crash dumps, rip useful information
  • Balloon Head mode is now reset on disconnect
  • Fixed #88 (Missing Documentation)
  • Fixed #119 (Better error details of WebUIWindow (Scripting))
  • Fixed #108 (Client Script unload leaves references - causes client to spam to scripting.log)
  • Fixed #114 ("OpenURL" event will spawn a menu level authorization ui)
  • Fixed #94 (Port is set at 4200 for Quick Local Connect)
  • Fixed #110 (Package.config always empty)
  • Fixed #115 (jcmp.localPlayer.position and jcmp.localPlayer.rotation don't return the correct values)
  • Fixed #107 (Following missing dependencies when trying to run Linux server.)
    • Supported Linux Distributions are:
      • Ubuntu 14.04
      • Ubuntu 16.04
      • Ubuntu 16.10
      • Debian 8
      • Arch Linux
      • CentOS 7
      • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
    • Please report any issues you may find on these and related systems.
    • We are unable to provide support for Debian 7 as well as CentOS 6 due to a third party binary dependency.

Dowload the updated client & server directly from our homepage:



Scripting documentation

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