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This is a quick summary of what went on over the Christmas period with regards to ramble rumbles design including descriptions some of the new features.

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The three main things we decided upon fleshing in the game, were the collection aspects , improving the interactivity between the player and the static world and finally encouraging multiple throughways though increased content and playability. Thankfully we found these improvements could be intertwined.

Firstly we can introduce the unmasked men. A myterious race which populates the game. These lost souls shamble about certain levels relying on Cher unravel there puzzled lives. Upon doing so they can give hints to hidden levels, power ups or present her with treasure.

Secondly the final design document now includes more objects cher can throw with differing effects. Cher will be able to break open boxes to find tnt, party packs and boulders which she can launch at enemies and obstacles.

Thirdly we decided upon the collectables and how they would work in game we decided Cher would be-able to wear them in game causing the unmasked men to react differently to Chers presence depending on what mask she was wearing. Some gaining positive reactions and others negative.

We finalized the design of alternative stages. which means in total there are 12 worlds 6 contain 5 levels 6 containing 3 levels per world.

The last thing, later in the week we'll another have short game-play video of the 2013 build and some more sketches/screenshots

If you've got any thoughts or comments post away, we'll be happy to read them and we will try to respond when we get the time. Anyway have a nice day.

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