What is Ramble Rumble ?

Ramble Rumble is fast paced modern take on classic arcade platformers. Intuitive to pick up and challenging to master, Ramble Rumble seeks to experiment providing an updated arcade style game


Single Player

Controls - Standard platformer controls with dashing, sliding and bouncing. Using Cher's maneuverability to out pace and out wit enemies and boss characters alike.

Throwing items - Cher has the ability to pick up and throw a wide variety of items from frozen enemies to bombs, using them to overcome obstacles and enemies.

Enemy Design- There are currently 5 types of common enemy in Ramble Rumble, with creatures such as Puttymen who can be infused with fire, ice, wind or earth making for more challenging levels and changing how each level plays out.

Ranking System - Each level in Ramble Rumble takes around 30-60 seconds to play through and features a unique ranking system depending on how stylishly and how flawlessly each level is completed, ranks begin at D for a less than stellar performance and rise all the way to S for a flawless run. There is even a rank beyond S for those brave enough to chase it.

Secrets - In true fashion to it's roots as a arcade game we wanted secrets to have a place in Ramble Rumble, based on obscure tales that arose around classics such as Donkey Kong, from jumping in place for 10 seconds before every level to throwing a bomb at a very specific pixel in the corner of the screen.

Level Design - We are focusing on single screen levels. From majestic sky-gardens and circuses to high tech factories and Graveyards. Tougher levels and challenges can be unlocked with higher ranks leading to an abandoned clock tower and volcanic caverns

Highscore Boards - Challenge your friends to beat your highscore!

Co-op Mode - Reintroduced in the latest build of Ramble Rumble, co-op mode allows a second player to take control of Scarlet and throws a variety of new puzzle levels combined with new co-op mechanics into the game. The rankings system is completely revised for the new mode with a completely synchronized run becoming the new high standard and with it comes the S++ ranking awarded for only the most determined of players.

Sound Design

Original Soundtrack made by the talent at meremonkey.com . A refreshing blend of rhythmic sounds and orchestral winds.


Join Cher on her adventure to track down the enigmatic conman Doktor Flint, who stole her house away with his hot air balloon, this task however wont be easy.

Based on, and sharing similarities with the works of Dr. Seuss the story of Ramble Rumble will take the player from epic sky gardens, across frozen mountains and into deep dungeons in an attempt to recover what was taken away.

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January Update Design


The three main things we decided upon fleshing in the game, were the collection aspects , improving the interactivity between the player and the static world and finally encouraging multiple throughways though increased content and playability. Thankfully we found these improvements could be intertwined.

Firstly we can introduce the unmasked men. A myterious race which populates the game. These lost souls shamble about certain levels relying on Cher unravel there puzzled lives. Upon doing so they can give hints to hidden levels, power ups or present her with treasure.

Secondly the final design document now includes more objects cher can throw with differing effects. Cher will be able to break open boxes to find tnt, party packs and boulders which she can launch at enemies and obstacles.

Thirdly we decided upon the collectables and how they would work in game we decided Cher would be-able to wear them in game causing the unmasked men to react differently to Chers presence depending on what mask she was wearing. Some gaining positive reactions and others negative.

We finalized the design of alternative stages. which means in total there are 12 worlds 6 contain 5 levels 6 containing 3 levels per world.

The last thing, later in the week we'll another have short game-play video of the 2013 build and some more sketches/screenshots

If you've got any thoughts or comments post away, we'll be happy to read them and we will try to respond when we get the time. Anyway have a nice day.

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