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Apologies for the delayed video release, and new screenshots.

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First off...
Sincerest apologies to all the ADR fans who have been waiting eagerly for the latest video.
Not much news this month folks as most of the time has been spent getting the video completed and work on the new labyrinth caves

ADR Progress Video
The video is finally released after being delayed time and again.
Somethings didnt make it into the video due to several reasons but will be featured in a video later in the year.

For a breakdown on the quality of the videos gameplay and other issues, Check our Development blog.

Art of Idling
There are 2 new idle animations created for sonic, thus two new screenshots have been added to the image gallery.

Till next month, enjoy the video

Mobius_gen - - 141 comments

Loving it. Seriously

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Maxwells - - 6 comments

Sorry if was asked before, but what's with this awfully pixelated blur everywhere on the screenshots? I have played UT3 long ago and haven't noticed such a blur, but, afair, i played with the high quality graphic presets. And, well, my first question is: is this just low quality graphic settings (and so it isn't really a prob), or it isn't, and if it isn't, could you do something to make it look *much more* smoother? And... you know... reduce it's amount on level (put the DoF farer from player).

As for video, i should say that it was a bit laggy, it is because of your PC can't cope with such amount of cool graphics well or the optimisation is not good :) ?
Now for Sonic. There were an opinions that animations were like those in some amateur BiltzSonic youtube videos, and the Sonic's physics and interaction with level items were disappointing.
In short, Sonic animations are **** (no offence, just facts!) for sersious project like yours, and physics are kind of too.
Try to implement Sonic Adventure-similiar physics, or Uneashed ones. Or at least make Sonic's reactions and anims a bit faster and more dynamic.

Phew, what a wall of text, sorry about that.

Oh, and levels are just brilliantly awesome, they even make such unrealistic character like Sonic look out of place :D

And after all, good luck you guys, you are awesome, keep on rollin' & rockin'.

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Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

By the look of it that is depth of field. It's not really just blur :p. It sharpens the image in the foreground.

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Dekrayzis Author
Dekrayzis - - 284 comments

You are correct. :)
Distance blur with depth of field is being used to blue objects in the distance and underwater.

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Dekrayzis Author
Dekrayzis - - 284 comments

Animations have been overhauled and are very identicle to Sonic Unleashed and Colors. Also the animations do have code behind them which is still being worked on.

The lag in the framerate is due to Video capture software and the map not fully being optimised.

Graphic quality is low. The Unreal Developement Kit 'DOES NOT' come with an Options menu. Why Epic never though to make one is beyond me. So yea quality is low until we get around to creating an options menu. Also I am using a 5 year old graphics card.

Whats wrong with the physics exactly?

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Maxwells - - 6 comments

I think it looks like physics are not good mostly because of poor animations (I know, it sounds a bit crazy, but hey), so I personally think you should complete all the animation work before deciding to do some major changes to physics, if you'll ever going to make such decision.
But IMO you should make Sonic response and react a bit faster, and give player a bit more control of his movement – UT2004 version also kinda suffered from it, the character wasn't always easy to control. You should look over how it is done in Sonic Adventure – Sonic responses at the right time, does everything good an' fast and you always know what to expect from him.

Hope that helps.

oh and i said earlier
>put the DoF farer from player
DoF is Depth of Field :)

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user78405 - - 1 comments

i been watching your team progress, first of all i am totally impressed of your work and admired your insight but bottom line i have one question since your have move to UDK can it possible run on other os like Linux and Mac using OpenGL since linux has the latest OpenGL 4.0 if possible?

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batman0320 - - 37 comments

have you considered wine? that might work if you want to run it on linux

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Dekrayzis Author
Dekrayzis - - 284 comments

I have just checked the UDK website. Sorry but only the Windows OS.
No Mac or linux support. The was a rumour sometime ago that Epic was working on a linux/Mac version of UDK. But nothing has come of it.

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