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Jack O'Neils after-action report Personal code: 434fdg735sdhd Code: 3765464745 Classification code: 956465653543534542856 Classified NORAD document to Lieutenant General George Hammond

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Dear sir!

You reading the after-action report of the mission of the PFY-432.
We were started the mission in 7:52. Our goal was to meet with the the jaffa resistance, but it was a trap of system lord Apophis. When we have arrived, we were captured. We are transported into a nearly Goauld mothership. But fortunately, Tok'ra spies helped us, because they opened our cells door, after a successful break out we were captured all of the control room in the floor, then we captured the ring rooms too. Carter disabled them, except the central one , I don't know why because her techno blab la is beyond my comprehension. After this, she hacked the navigation computer, and take the ship near a little planet. Then we were dialled the earth, and we escaped from the ship.
In conclusion, everyone was brave in the mission. We found a lot of Ter things in the ship, I posted them to scientific lab. We need better intelligence sir, because these meeting can be really dangerous.
I have enclosed a few pictures from the mission.You can see them in the end of the letter.

Jack O'Neil
Personal code: 434fdg735sdhd

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It wasn't smart to diall earth on that ship, History of gate travelling automaticely saves on the ships AI and System, Just saying :P

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Attila1945 Author

This isn't a problem, because we have iris, just don't let them thought the gate.
And anyway, the goa'ulds knows the address of Earth.

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