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Hello everyone!

Revision has been in development for years. We are, for the first time, within sight of the finish line. However we’re not quite as close as we had hoped to be at this point. So to give ourselves a little bit more time to wrap up production and polish our work on the game, we’ve decided to set our launch target for the second half of January 2014.

We’re happy to announce that we are planning to release an OST album alongside the launch of Revision 1.0. Distribution details and final cover art will be announced later on. We are exploring possibilities for a limited edition run of physical copies of this OST.

We’ve been posting up some of the work on different parts of the Ocean Lab environment:

Transgenics Lab

That about does it for this post; we’ve got bigger and better things planned as we close in on the launch, but for now we’re focusing on the finishing this project. We’ll see you next month!

Kisaraji - - 205 comments

Dat System Shock panel.

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lgs - - 127 comments

Ocean lab always felt like SS2 and i always secretly wanted both games to exist in one universe, but isn't it a little bit too far lore wise?
Also is that particular texture from SHTUP?

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Trasher64 - - 149 comments

Actually I made the texture myself, it may look the same as the one in SHTUP but if you take a close look at it you can see it's different. The texture itself is based on SS2's original texture no doubt. :)

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FastGamerr - - 575 comments

Man, I'm glad I never have to experience the "man, this project would benefit A LOT from delaying the release date" feeling again.

But alas, I'll be waiting! Good luck, we're all counting on you!

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Blade_Sword - - 614 comments

It's anyways quite a big project by itself, I mean a lot of levels are heavily edited. I would love to see more paths than what the original allowed.

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Povuholo - - 36 comments

Could you up the brightness of the original levels in the comparison shots? It's often really hard to see anything because it's so dark. Especially the new Excavation screenshot.

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Jerion Author
Jerion - - 141 comments

The brightness issue in screenshots seems to be related to the experimental variant of the D3D10 renderer we're using- that or FRAPS, which doesn't want to play too nicely with it. The environments look a little brighter in-game. :)

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myxale - - 666 comments

I don't mind waiting some more.
This baby is already epic enough.

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SplatteredNavarre - - 50 comments

Guys, we've been waiting a while for this but all good things are worth waiting for. Take your time, don't rush it. It's gonna be epic when its done :)

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

according to screenshots so far, what i can say is - it's the best and must have deus ex mod that ever made. i will replay the game after this mod got released.
it's looks much better than original game.
and for the delay of release date, i think it means it will get even better, good luck to you.

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HellCaller - - 88 comments

**** Yeah

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Phillon82 - - 267 comments

Take all the time you guys need/want; you don't owe us anything. And yeah, do the work you have already put in justice by releasing it when it's ready. And again, thank you so much for all of the hours you guys put in to make this amazing mod a reality. Will be waiting anxiously for when it is eventually set loose upon the world. I am ready!

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dethtoll - - 890 comments

Took that Ocean Lab = SS2 thing to its logical conclusion, did you? I'm liking the look.

Great work. I'm a little disappointed in the delay (it screws up my gaming plans) but whatever, as long as it's awesome when it does come out. <3

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Benjimable - - 544 comments

Think anyone will notice if I disappear for a few days in January?
This looks truly amazing, I'm so excited!

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