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Southernmost Combine is an alternate epilogue to Half Life 2 Episode 2

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Southernmost Combine is an alternate epilogue to Half Life 2 Episode 2, in which Gordon Freeman is sent back in time to the 80´s to stop an early Combine invasion happening in the southernmost land of the world. There are a few deviations in gameplay mechanics. But it´s still Freeman against the Combine.

The project is a one-man-army single player episode that was in development for 13 years. Hopefully people enjoy it and let me know about it.

Also, if you want to buy me a coffe, i will use it to buy the Steam Developer Licence to eventually release this on Steam, to ease its use and installation. (but be sure you have finished the episode first!)

Thanks to all the guys around who supported it with encouragement and asistance!


Nice. I will do it this night, maybe a blind playthrough on my YT channel . Thanks for your work. Always glad to see people light the eternal candle of HL’s world.

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Gambini Author


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arggh...walkthough ? I'm stuck...where's the fuel for the train turntable...?

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Gambini Author

In the gas station!, next to the pump (which surely requires power to work)

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