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I'm going to be honest. I haven't done much work on Far Cry 2 in the past few months. That's going to change.

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I'm going to be honest. I haven't done much work on Far Cry 2 in the past few months. I've been playing other games, doing other work, etc. And for all my fans who have been awaiting a multiplayer version release, I am sorry. The new version is coming soon. The multiplayer changes have been implemented, but have not been tested yet.

Also, thanks to fellow user BegunValkery, 1.4 will come with another version of the patch files, just in case you can't get any other versions to work. Hopefully, this will help people who have updated the game and still can't get it to work to be able to play FC2 how it was meant to be played.

In other news, Far QTE 3 is coming out soon. I can't wait to press one button and have the game play itself for me!
(The only videos that I have seen on FC3 have been from this and last years E3 (press one button and kill 5 guys in 2 seconds), but who knows, it might turn out good.)

Edit: The new version will probably be released Friday at the earliest. Just have to iron out some things and update the readme.


Very nice. Looking forward to a new release. :D

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FC3 looks really good. There are some good videos with 40+ minutes of gameplay. The meat-shieldy-ness of enemies is gone. Watched a stealthy player actually win with stealth, and mow down enemies with a silenced m4 (aside from one specific class of enemy called heavies, which have Army of Two style body armor).

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