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There are things you need to know and you have the right to know everything.

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It’s been a long time. In fact I would say that it’s been a
very long time, more time than I would like to admit. So long in fact that it
feels like I owe you all an explanation for the long period of time that I have
been gone as well as the truth. I’ve been gone for a long time for a variety of
reasons but mostly a stupid one; I lost the account in which SMOD:T is linked
to. Stupid as it seems that is the main why I haven’t (or been able) to post
any new, updates, or been able to answer any of one’s questions. I’m truly sorry
about that but it is not the only reason why I haven’t been able to be active.
During the time after the release of SMOD: I’ve Graduated High school in 2012,
started in Culinary art the Art institute, subsequently Dropped out of Art
institute (I rather like keeping my fingers and thumbs in the places that they
currently are), and started working to my Accounting degree. In other words I’ve
been rather busy.

So far I’ve done nothing but make excuses on to why I haven’t been able to do anything
and at the same time avoiding something, the truth. I hate to admit it but
there is no update for SMOD:Tactical (Project Life), but is only half the
truth. What I should be saying is that there never was meant to an update or
expansion for it. What I wrote 3 years ago about “new weapons” and “double map
sizes” was nothing more than stupidity at the most basic of levels. I posted
those “updates” (if I dare call them that) while I was hanging out with my
friends and talking about things we wanted to do. My work on a SMOD fix came up
and stupidity spewed from my mouth faster than I could realize, and in a fit of
preadolescent smugness I posted those updates without a care in the world about
what I was saying. In short I AM AN UDDER IDIOT!!!!!!! I was an idiot then and I’m an idiot now.

Why am I an idiot even now? Simple because this is the third time I’ve tried writing
the article. Both times I’ve tried to pin it on one of my friends that stole my
account and posted fake updates or some other stupid idea of mine. However I find
that now is the time to stop hiding behind lies and vales of shadows. No, I’m placing
all of my card on the table to say I’m sorry for my stupidity. This might be
heartless of me but I really do not care if you hate me or not. In all reality
you SHOULD hate me; you have every right to hate me. I will stand by that right
and defended that right of yours until then end of time. This is most likely
the last time that I an update of any kind and I consider that I have nothing
to offer to SMOD:Tactical in anyway. If anyone has anything to offer to
SMOD:Tactical they have my full permission to do so. So long as they use the
Project life version of SMOD:Tactical.

I sincerely regret everything that I promised out of lies and if I have crushed anyone’s hopes.
I just find that it is time for everyone know what they have the right to know.
Still it is with a heavy heart and my most sincere apologies that I write this
for what is most likely the final time.

Happy Hunting, with the most sincere of apologies


guitarxhero - - 30 comments

Woah there.
I don't hate you, lol.
Otherwise, I've been fine lately.

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kijebe - - 1,268 comments

dude, i love the mod, and hey, s'all good

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kaelinkato123 - - 58 comments

You are the best for creating this mod!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
MattmanDude - - 4,220 comments

He didn't create it, he just fixed it to work with the Source engine update Valve did back in the day.

But yeah, no problem man. The mod's fine the way it is imo anyway.

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DjReactor - - 59 comments

You fixed smod if anything no updates or not i still like you

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Huhmasta - - 36 comments

Calm down dude, no one is judging you. You did more than anyone could have hoped for. I got to play one of my favorite hl2 mods thanks to you and im still happy to know it still works after all this time. I think you've done more than enough man, take it easy.

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

HELP!! i have all required games installed and preloaded by running the games for a min each. when i try to play smod: tpl the level secection screen crashes to main menu and does not load campaign.. This is one of my favorite games and im trying to get it to work for the first time on vista! PLEASE HELP ME PLAY THIS AWESOME GAME!!

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