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A description of what stalled development for Arma2, and plans for Arma3.

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Hi all,

So, it's been some time since I've worked on this mod. I ran into some weighting issues with the Arma2 character model and was unable to surmount that issue, so it ground to a standstill. Now, with the release of Arma3 Beta, I've decided to pick it up again.

First news is, I'm not going to try and import my own units with accurate uniforms (yet) in order to not delay a release. I'm in the middle of retexturing one of the existing units, and once the Type 2 phasers are imported, I'll be releasing them to the public!

Once these are released and any initial bugs with them fixed, I will work on completing the shuttlecraft Galileo and releasing that as well. I have worked on revamping the UV space on it, but the model is complete, and it shouldn't take too long to get it up to Arma3 standards.

I don't want to make plans too far in advance and promise any more than that, so this should be enough to get you started on some away missions...exploring strange new worlds!

Take care,


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