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A new feature has been added to Vox... the 'Item Library'. This will easily allow you to see, organise and edit all the items in your game.

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The 'Item Library', that is accessed via the main menu screen in Vox is a valuable resource and very useful to keep track of all the items currently in your game of Vox.

The item library will show you a grid view of all the .vox files in your game, these files can be organised into different directories or categories and you can see the auto-generated thumbnails for each of the .vox files. (This is generated when you save a .vox file)

The item library is also useful to quickly edit and create new items. Once you have selected an item and clicked on the items button, the creation editor GUI will open up and the Vox file will be loaded directly for you to edit.

Some of the additional features that are planned to be added to the item library are:

  • Item searching.
  • Filtering.
  • Tags and keywords attached to object files.
  • Ability to connect to other 'data-stores' to download items you don't have.
  • Use the item library to share your creations. Turn it into a hub/area for players to connect to each others and share creations.
  • Allow for loading the item library in game as well as from the front-end.
  • GUI and aesthetics customization by the player.

The Item Library feature is planned to be included in the next update version of Vox v0.20.


That's great feature.

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no this feature is dumb

i think the items ingame should be "Unlocked" as you find them... gives incentives for players to play the game before making their own world just saying

also being able to edit everything from the beggining will ruin it all

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AlwaysGeeky Author

You have actually highlighted a very important point and something that I forgot to mention fully with this new piece... once the game mode and story mode starts to become a big thing then this feature of 'unlocking' stuff in the library is exactly what will happen.

For example when you are playing the story mode when you kill a new enemy for the first time, they will be unlocked in the enemies code/library for you to find out information about them and also edit them...

The way you will unlock items in this way will be very similar to an 'achievement' system... i.e you kill a skeleton for the first time and "Skeleton information in Codex unlocked" will appear at the bottom of the screen like an achievement.

Sorry that I didnt really talk about this yet, since this would be more of a story/gameplay part of the game and right now I am just showing off the core features as they are put into the game. :)

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Agreed.. cant expect the game to be where it plans to right off the bat lol thats the point of alpha and beta testing lol

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