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Learn about Cookie Apocalypse on the iPhone and our new member.

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We've decided since we are coming back with a bang to release an iPhone version beta you could almost call it very quickly. Its going to be running on UDK as we've said and built just for the iPhone for this version. We are going to attempt to make a more high quality version of most of the assets for the full release on Mac and PC.

But for now to give you what all of you have been wanting, we're realeasing soon. The iPhone copy will come with 3 maps, each designed for quick fun games that could end up being really long if your damn good. It will also come with some if not all of the weapons from the orignal beta but fully textured this time and fully working.

I'm about half way done with the first map currently and will be working all tomorrow. Come look at us tomorrow since I shall be posting some screenshots.

Also we would like to announce we have a new memeber to the team of Horde Game Studios. Rob Falk aka RobinoFree in the tech world. Go give him a follow on twitter and while your at it give us a follow and our main accounts ones too:

Now back to Rob, he's going to be basically our texture guy and concept artist. Yes we finally have a concept artist. He will also be creating a new logo for us.

So expect some pictures of the maps this weekend and hopefully a video of the game working on the iPhone sometime soon.

Also if anyone is really good at making montages please pm me, you could be of some great help.

So expect things soon. Now I'm off to bed. Au Revoir.

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