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Ion Swords, Droids, New Creator Content and major updates coming very soon!

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Hello Founders and Vanguardians!

Today we're revealing a plethora of fantastic new content, features, bug fixes and improvements that are coming NEXT WEEK!

The Community Creator Series

Players have made some truly remarkable structures since the game launched just one month ago. But they have not only created pretty buildings, they surprised us by using our current building system to create new types of gameplay! We've seen massive and complex mazes to dastardly and tricky traps.

Our own Thor has created a complex system which tricks players into a false sense of security and the promise of 'Free stuff'.

Thors images

This structure is in Server one, soon you'll even see it appear on the map as an icon, but more on that very soon!)

These new game experiences have inspired us to begin experimental development of a series of tools which give players the ability to create much deeper game play for others to enjoy. But here is the exciting part, you'll be able to create and design while playing on our official servers! You won't need to open up any files outside of the game, we'll be doing our best to give players the ability to create amazing content for other players while playing

Additionally we'll be testing a new feedback system that will let you see how many players are interacting with your content and what they think of it.

Coming In the Next Few Updates:

Before we tell you about the plans for next week, we have a list of the upcoming features happening in the weeks following! These are specifically related to providing players with more tools to create engaging structures that other players can interact with. We're very much looking forward to seeing what you can make with these new tools.

  • Creator Credit System - Hover over anyone's structure and see the username of the creator. You'll then be able to Push ‘V’ to vote and give the user a Thumbs Up if you like what you see. See how many ‘Thumbs Up’ the structure has had so far.
  • Creator Chest - You fill this chest with items and anyone who opens your chest will see one of those items selected at random and will be able to collect it from the chest. They will only be able to collect from this chest once, per player, every 4 hours.
  • Creator Enemy Spawner - Allows you to spawn enemies, we hope to let creators ‘draw’ the enemies you spawn using the CTD system, so you can create your own dungeons and other content involving enemies.
  • Creator NPC - An NPC which you can craft yourself, you can configure and set the dialogue he will say when other players come and interact with the NPC

Each of these items (including the Creator Door, which I'll talk about very shortly) Are craftable in the creative mode mod. These are all very experimental tools and we would love to know what you think of them. If the community likes this and wants more we will be happy to give these systems more functionality and expand upon it.

Coming Next Week

Next week is the start of our Community Creator series and experiments. You could say we're opening the door for more creative freedom in CardLife. So what better way than to star with an object that does exactly that... The Creator Door.


The Creator Door is a craftable door which can be added to any structure that you have created. This will then place a marker on the map of all players on that server so that they can make the journey to marvel at your epic creation. This door can be opened by anyone on the server and will require more material resources to craft than the standard door.

Map Icons

While the door is the very start of our Community Creator series when it releases in next weeks update, it is not the only thing being that will be present in that build. We'll also be adding the following in the next update!

Science Fantasy

The team are working very hard on injecting more 'Science' into our 'Science Fantasy Survival game' by bringing you two new great pieces of content

Age 2 A-Void Droid


A lethal dual sword wielding surface droid will soon be roaming the cardboard landscape and is one of the latter Age 2 Science fiction themed creatures.

Should you wish to seek this droid out, you'll likely find them in the centre of the island where the creatures become much more dangerous. but be cautious of night time as they will gather in greater numbers.

The Age 2 A-Void Droid will drop a couple of items:

  • Void Droid head
  • Complex Machine parts

Both of these drops are used to create Age 3 modern gear and weaponry which we plan to start working on after this release.

The A-Void Droid is also our very first creature to have a chance to drop a rare usable item, the Prototype ion Sabre. This is a temporary weapon drop that will drop very rarely by this creature. We wanted to handle it this way so that we can give you an early taste of the awesome Age 4 weaponry from the future as we continue to develop content towards Age 3 and 4.

The A-Void Droid's movements are different than many of our other creatures do to their mechanisms. Here are a just a few of them in action!

AvoidDroid Attack01

AvoidDroid Walk

The Prototype Ion Sabre

A powerful high energy sword from the future which can be wielded by players with devastating effect. This prototype age 4 weapons will be temporarily dropped by the new A-Void Droid to give you a taste of the future weaponry coming to CardLife. Since this weapon is just a prototype, it will be much less durable than the standard Age 4 weapon and can break in several swings. So if you're lucky enough to find one, use it wisely!

Sabre Gif 001 STEAM

While currently the Prototype ion Sabre is not customisable, this weapon will be craftable in the future and allow you to redesign its look similar to how other weapons can be created.

Also included in next weeks update

Along with the Creator Door, the A-Void Droid and the Ion Sabre, there are also a few more additions included as part of next weeks update. They are:

  • Localisation - CardLife has been professionally translated and will be available in 11 languages including:
    • English
    • German
    • French
    • Italian
    • Spanish
    • Japanese
    • Portuguese - Brazil
    • Russian
    • Simplified Chinese
    • Traditional Chinese
    • Korean

There are also a few other additions within next weeks update

  • PVE & PVP Servers - The official dedicated servers have been altered so that now half of them are now PVE only. This will mean that players will be unable to do any damage to any other player. Servers will be renamed clearly PVE and PVP so that you can choose which you prefer.
  • Mining MK2 - We've overhauled the mining, digging and landscape tools so that there are three modes to choose from. You'll be able to now do large and fine edits to the terrain with much more accuracy. Read more about these changes in last weeks blog
  • Connect The Dots MK2 - This system has had some additional functionality added to it to give players more creative freedom and control. We've added Undo and Redo buttons and have given players more space to create much grander designs! Read more about these changes in last weeks blog
  • Passive creatures - Several of the creatures have gone to anger management classes and are no longer aggressive.This means that you can now get as close as you want to these creatures without fearing that they will start attacking you. However, if you start a fight, be prepared to finish it, they will still attack if you throw the first punch

Alongside these changes are also a selection of bug fixes that were reported by players over the last week. We thank everyone who has made detailed reports and given us output logs to try and recreate these issues.

  • Fixed an issue with AI getting stuck
  • Fixed an issue where AI were too easy to kill when you back away from it and continue to attack it
  • Fixed an issue causing major lag when looking in some directions of the map when in certain areas of the world
  • Fixed a bug causing you to fall through the world while mining
  • Map updated to display your facing direction on the map and also allow players to move whilst the map is displayed
  • Improved error messages in game. These will now give you more information about what is going wrong, so that we can help you solve the issue much more quickly

So there we have it! The development team have been working very hard on the latest content and we really hope that you enjoy these changes. CardLife was envisioned to be a creative hub for players to create and share. These new additions launching NEXT WEEK takes us one step further towards our vision for CardLife.

Let us know what you think about these planned updates in the forums, Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

All the best,

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The word "Droid" was trademarked by Lucasfilm way back, though I imagine Disney owns it now. Which is a bit silly, what with it being a truncated android. I'd still avoid using it though.

That said, this all looks rather interesting.

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