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Here we introduce 2 new grenades. The Smoke Grenade and the CS Gas Grenade!

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We've added 2 new types of grenades to Intruder. One of them is the Smoke Grenade and the other is the CS Gas Grenade.

Uses for smoke

  • The smoke grenade is typically used to cover up the visibility of the enemy when you need to cross an open area
  • It can also be used for escaping single entrance/single exit rooms. It can get hectic but if the enemy doesn't know when you open the door and leave they often won't know when or where to shoot. Extremely useful when escaping with the package or when cornered
  • Use as a distraction. The smoke can just be a decoy signal to make the enemy believe you are going a certain way.

Uses for CS Gas

  • Causes your enemies' vision to blur and both mouse axes to invert in their controls.
  • Extremely useful for room clearing and arresting
  • Use for escape scenarios as well. Throw on the ground behind you and run!

If you haven't yet, make sure to sign up on our new forum at Anybody who is interested in testing should sign up there, post some stuff and also join us in the IRC at See you there!

Borzi - - 196 comments

Looks super awesome! Will it be like CS or a realisticisch kinda game.

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brandobin - - 105 comments

You guys have certainly progressed a lot since the receiver-style graphics showcased previously. I'm pretty excited.

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