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Hey Moddb! At this time, I want to show you the basic Aiming-System! Read on...

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+++ Update +++
I've reworked and redone the whole aiming-thing to kill some bugs that came up with and support other weapons like shotguns... (She loves shotguns!)

Reworked Code & Shotgun SupportReworked Code & Shotgun Support
Two pictures to give you a little sneak peek.

Original message:

Hey ModDB!

I'd like introduce you: The - at the moment very basic - Aiming-System!

Well, there is not much to say..
If you hit a key, the character draw out his weapon. You can't walk or run while aiming and you can't shoot without aiming!

It's still quite buggy, i.e. if you hold aim, reload and then go back in walkmode, it breaks the gun and you can't shoot or reload anymore.
If someone knows the answer to this, mail me or I'll find out myself! ;-)

Also, I haven't fixed the muzzleflash issue yet. Should be fixed later.

But for now, enjoy the video above!

Remember to check out some screenshots:

Basic Aiming SystemBasic Aiming System
Basic Aiming System

... and 1 more in the gallery!

Stay tuned!


I liked the fixed camera perspectives of the original games but I don't miss the nasty aiming issues this presented. Do you think you could add the option of locking onto targets and switching (with a toggle in the config for those who don't want to use it)?

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aereton Author

I thought about this too.
And yes, there will be an option to toggle autotarget on/off.
There is already a section of code that might can handle it, if you go into the console of episode2 (don't know if source06 has it) and type in 'sv_optimizedmovement", you can switch that option on/off. If set to 0, the aiming in thirdperson is smoother than normal.
If set to 1, it seems like he wants to know where targets are and lock your aim, this is causing the 'nasty aiming issues'.
I'll dig into it!

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