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We don't have any update today, but we do have a few things to announce.

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Hi there!
It's been a while since we announced a news last time.
We don't have any update today, but we do have a few things to announce.

Servers from EU region

Someday I was just about to join the official server of FLN-LF, which is FLN-LF #5 server, I found that there is another server of AIX2ExMM. This time, I contacted the server admin and got permitted to announce the server here on the ModDB website.

- Server name: [FMR] P4Ds AIX2EX_MM v0.31 CoOp
- IP address:
- Max players: 32
- Ranked: On
- PunkBuster: On

This server is run by a kind admin P4D-830. Appreciate it!
Note that this server is NOT an official server. However, the server file is out there for everyone, so someone please be an administrator of MiniMOD server and let's make the field broader for the MiniMOD soldiers!

Animation Video is Up

Here is one video that we created. There are just some of the animations of handheld weapons from MiniMOD. The animations are ALREADY added in the current version of v0.31, so it's not any newer now.
Animations are created by Leon912, one of our 3D model creators. He is and will be working on other animations for both upcoming and existing weapons.

Here's what's in the movie:

- HK416
- M16A2
- AKS-74U
- Magpul MASADA
- RPG-7

Developers Still Wanted

Since we've started to recruit people into our team, we got three new developers as a member.
But still, we need developer who can capable with creating 3D models and levels(maps).
If you're confident, just PM to tekktekk and say what you can do for MiniMOD.

See you on the battlefield!


Looking good, but the reloading animations are always the same in games (for each gun of course).

What would be awesome is if you could add subtle changes to the reloading animations so that the reloading animations are always different (well to a certain degree!)...

How hard is it to implement something like this?

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it may be possible technically, however that's a huge amount of workload and I mean it's really huge, so the 3D animation creator would die because of too much work XD

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@ rocknroll237

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