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This will give you a short overview about my motivation for this project and the planned content.

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People knowing me will surely confirm that I am somehow obsessed of the Tower Defense genre, as I was involved in former TD mods for different C&C games. Although I wanted to give up modding stuff once and for all in the past I sometimes felt a vacuum. Sure, I have a real life which I enjoy and live from but this hobby is still a personal resort if you may say so.

Back to topic:

Q: What can we expect from one more TD game?
A: Well, this follows a different plot than my other TD projects. This time you have a completely new setting as the name might imply already. I cannot re-invent the wheel of course but I am in effort to do my best to present something unique which is fun to play and eye-appealing at the same time (and maybe even leaves you with a feeling of “crap, how has this been done?”)

Q: Which factions will be available?
A: In traditional TD manner you will have a playable Defender faction (an Ancient alien race) to build defensive structures and an AI-controlled Creeps faction, also known as cannon fodder.

Q: What about the core features: Towers, upgrades, special abilities?
A: There are more than 10 different towers planned but you will only play with a maximum of 8 different ones (most time about 4-6). This means, there is no fixed construction set, instead it depends on the scenario which tower structure is going to be unlocked or not available at all. Of course, it would be boring without upgrades, special powers and all that stuff that you can use for your advantage. Besides the common tower level upgrades and togglable weapons you can choose between a variety of further upgrades to fortify structures or units. Again, the actual variety is not fixed and depends on the scenario.

Q: What about the Multiplayer part?
A: This is one major change to my previous projects: A traditional multiplayer (or more fitting: a Co-op) mode is not planned in first place. You will play in Singleplayer mode primarily on themed maps with a smaller or larger campaign attached to it. The main reason for that cut is an easier balancing: the more players you have the more complicated and unpredictable becomes the balancing stuff. It has always been a problem in former projects. Hence, I want to concentrate on a fully designed and balanced Singleplayer mode instead. A Co-op mode has only a low priority right now.

Q: What is special about the Singleplayer mode?
A: Trust me, I have some very cool ideas in mind. Every map you play on will be unique which applies for the environment, the factions and objectives. It will not always be the simple “stop the enemies from crossing the line” type of scenario. Different (bonus) objectives, different intentions the Creeps travel across the map with, and environmental features are planned. One time you have to protect a certain object from being destroyed, the next time you jump into the action and have to support a friendly Commander who is going to be overwhelmed by hostile forces and another time you got only a few credits, low power supplies or very limited build options you have to make best use of.

Q: Why Metroid and what does it have to do with Tower Defense?
A: I really loved it from the moment I first got in touch with Super Metroid for SNES back in the 90s. Finally, with the Metroid Prime series and especially the final sequel, Skytown on planet Elysia inspired me a lot (although, my favourite is Metroid Prime 2: Echoes due to its creepy atmosphere). There were efforts on doing a similar mod which follows the GDI, Nod, Scrin pattern but finally I wanted to invent something new and changed the concept to fit Metroid and be an homage to a great series from a very talented team, Retro Studios.
Although Metroid itself has nothing to do with Tower Defense it turned out to be a nice Fusion. It will not be a replica of that series which means not every detail might be true to its original; just to ensure all you Metroid fans out there will not treat me too harshly for inconsistencies.

Q: Can we expect a full version and when will that finally be?
A: I can understand if you do not like to play half-baked stuff because this can only give a rough idea of a developer’s true vision. However, this was and still is a hobby project, nothing commercial and nothing I have a deadline for. This means, it will take its time to be done. I really want to finish it with the maximum of planned content. It is lingering for over four years now on my HDD with only a tiny progress due to less time. The fact that I am still on it might show you that I want to bring that Baby through.

Q: Why now and so late?
A: Next question please. No, seriously, maybe it just took some time to let this idea grow and become what it is already on paper. After my previous project I felt the time for C&C3/RA3 modding is going to end very soon and when looking around I see there is not much activity left, although there are some other great projects hosted here, either released or waiting for their final day. However, the absence of much activity has something good at least: there is not much pressure to hurry and rush things to release something fast while a game is still popular.

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