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An interview with the VGO developers posted on ModSentry and a possible VGO Tournament?

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Interview with VGO Developers
The folks over at ModSentry have posted and interview with ScreamingCricket and AntiSocialKindaGuy. Check it out to see how the mod was started, the trials and tribulations endured during development, and what events shaped mod into what it is today. Here is an excerpt:

What motivated you to start making Vietnam Glory

AntiSocial: I was previously working on a World War I mod for ZH, The Great Trench War, which after about a year and a half sank due to difficulty getting good people and the primary art guy vanishing. I was looking for another ZH mod, and found VGO. While the administration of the mod was tremendously poor at that time, ScreamingCricket impressed me with the rate at which he could pump out textured models, and I figured him and I could produce something great if we worked together. Eventually, as expected, the less competent and the “talkers” vanished, leaving us to re-design the mod and build it from the ground up.

We are thinking about starting up a tournament for all interested players. We want to gauge the interest so be sure to let us know on our forums, post your time zone from GMT. This would be a VGO only set of games played online with other players. More details will be coming if we have enough people interested.

Vietnam Glory Obscured v2.0 - The Hydra Release
The mod was released on June 4th and the fan reaction so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you all for supporting us and getting excited over the Hydra Release! If you haven't done so already, DOWNLOAD the mod and try it out! Also feel free to swing by IRC or our Forums if you're looking for a game!

Video Tutorials
Don't forget that we have made a series of Video Tutorials to show new players what they can expect with the new game play in VGO. Check them all out here.
Technical Support
And if you're having any trouble getting the mod to work or having problems running ZH on Win7 or Vista, be sure to check out our COMMON ISSUES thread to find a solution! Or go ahead and post a question on our forums for help!



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