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Interstellar Transport Company game play overview.

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Hi IndieDB! In Interstellar Transport Company you are charged with operation of a space transport company which you must grow from it's humble beginnings serving Earth and it's local celestial neighbors into a vast transport empire spanning the galaxy. Service humanities needs as they spread throughout the galaxy and crush your rivals in the process. Manage infrastructure, ships, routes, and finances of your company. Play in single player or online against other players. Coming to Steam Early Access Q3, 2017. We have created a couple VLOGS for the game over the last couple months and I thought I would share them here with everyone as an introduction to our game =) Please be sure to follow us on Twitter & Facebook for the latest news on the game.

VLOG 2 (early gameplay overview)

VLOG 3 (new features security, maintenance, and new ships)

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