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Things are progressing as planned here at Zero Point Software. We're doing a lot of prototyping to try out ideas for Deadlock and we're glad to welcome back Jess and Anders to the team.

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Have you tried The Vault? An in-engine interactive screenshot and our first Unity-production

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Welcome back to Jess & Anders

A few weeks ago we intercepted a distress signal from one of the moons of Saturn and decided to send AIV Kitty Hawk 538 out to explore. It turned out to be two of our fellow marines, which were reported M.I.A, and we managed to retrieve them both.
We're proud and glad to welcome back Jess and Anders (aka. NecroSonic and CptKickass). They've been dearly missed, and we're thrilled to have them back in the ranks of ZPS developers. Jess has already returned to active duty, while Anders is still in recovery, but will return within a few weeks.

Jess (NecroSonic)
Level Designer

"Hello marines. Seeing how you have embraced the open development initiative meant that I just had to get back in the game. So even though I am now employed elsewhere I have decided to spend some nights to help make some Deadlock maps.

As a level designer I am all about multiplayer maps and being able to develop the Deadlock maps in collaboration with the truly awesome IM community was an offer that I could not refuse.

At the moment I am creating some experimental prototypes that I plan to showcase for you all in the coming months. I am already discussing ideas with Kim of how you guys may be part of the level design work on Deadlock and we are both quite exited to get this show on the road. "

Anders (cptKickASS)
Game Artist

"Oi Comrads. Following in the footsteps of Jess, I will be joining the further development of the IM franchise. Seeing your commitment to this community, has convinced me to hijack some of my spare time, in order to improve the visuals of Deadlock and future releases from Zero Point Software.

The coming weeks will be centered around adding more SciFi and variation to module sets. Later I will be looking into getting more details and better shaders in the game. "

DevBlogs & Prototypes

Since Log Entry 019, we've been doing a lot of prototyping and Nicolai (Reese) has also started composing music for Deadlock.
Visit our DevBlog section regularly to follow our latest work, and remember to check out our weekly SITREP's, where you'll get a detailed insight on our progress!

Here's a list of the recent DevBlogs and Prototypes:

Deadlock Map: Operations - Iteration 2
Enjoy the second part of the making of a multiplayer-level by Kim (ZPSHicks) involving a new combat arena

Advanced Sound Propagation Prototype
Kenneth presents the first groundbreaking prototype of a new sound propagation model

Scoring for Deadlock: Initial Idea - Step 1
Nicolai (Reese) is sharing his initial ideas for the music soundtrack for Deadlock

Speed Of Sound Prototype
Try a small but effective prototype of a simulated Speed Of Sound-system by Kenneth

Avatar Competition Winners

The Avatar Competition has ended and 20 avatars have been elected by the community. We're awestruck by the high quality of the submitted entires and are proud to present 20 new community avatars. Congratulations to all the creators of the avatars - each winning avatar gave one Support Medal to the creator as an award.

Avatar Competition Winners
Your profile can have avatars if you're Spearhead or Frontliner, or have minimum one Support Medal

Other news

Thanks for your support and feedback on our community-website.
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ZPSHicks, Reese, heks, NecroSonic, CptKickass and Kenneth
The team at Zero Point Software

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RogerRamjet - - 1,564 comments

Nice work all round, I like the distance/speed of sounds as it adds a more realistic aspect to the shooter... thanks for the updates...

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