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The NOD Reckoner, everything you need to know about it.

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Incoming Transmission...

There have been sightings of the NOD Reckoner, and it would appear that NOD is trying to upgrade it somehow. In what ways, is yet to be confirmed, however: We know it is the Third Tiberian War model that is being used, it has a reduced speed as it uses a more stable engine (this in turn provides more resistance to attack), and we also know it may have weapons of its own concealed within.

The concealed weapons pose a particular risk, as we are unable to confirm what these are. On the plus side though, this means that there is only enough room for one squadron of troops. The new interior may pose other risks though, as this may include the addition of Mines. As much as we would hope not, we must fear the worst.

Suitable countermeasures are likely to be Tanks and other Heavy units, perhaps the old tactic of using aircraft may still be viable. However, if NOD have utilised any form of protection for the roof segments and if the Reckoner had Missile Troops inside, we should still be weary of them.

We also have reason to believe that the CCS is designing some form of Mobile Deployable unit of their own, that is of the same class. From what little we know of the CCS, we know that the CCS are very capable and have been known to use Mobile Base Platforms before. From chatter intercepted some time back from a series of NOD bases, the CCS have some form of Mobile Base system that allows one single unit to produce all of the power, resources and units needed for any battle. In short, a Crawler that doesn't require a Satellite Connection and is not entirely Autonomous. Though we believe it only constructs Vehicles and has no Structural Capacity, it is believed that only two have been constructed.

The CCS is known for its versatility and it has been known to utilise the technology of all other factions.

...End Transmission

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