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There are lot of new battle system implemented in this mod, read this description to understand them. For new formation and orders, you can test every command and order option to learn what they do.

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Weapon Break or Lost

When you swing your mele weapon, there is a chance that your weapon will break or lost by following rules:

  • All weapon is more likely to lost when mounted,
  • Polearm is more likely to lost than one handed and one handed than two handed weapon,
  • Your weapon quality also affect the chance of break or lost,
  • All ai also use the same rule.
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Stamina System

You could be tired during fight, especially when you use heavy armor and weapon, the rules are:

  • Your initial amount of stamina is directly proporsional with your healt pont (hp) and athletics point,
  • Your stamina consumed when you running and attacking,
  • Rate of your stamina consumption is depending on weight of your armors and weapons,
  • If your stamina is too low, you will be exhausted and can not move your body,
  • Your stamina will also be recovered over time with rate depending on your athletics point,
  • You can save your stamina by walking slowly (holding left shift button),
  • When mounted, your stamina also consumed but much less then on feet,
  • When mounted, you still able to move if your stamina is low,

Combat Abilities

Taunt (T button)

  • Good for getting circling horse archers to try and melee you, or distracting some infantry charging at your archers so they can take more fire.
  • Require 9 charisma points,
  • Available within 60 seconds after use,
  • Radius of effect ((3/4) x charisma) meters.

Warcry (Y button)

  • Scares away enemies surrounding you that are lower level than twice your level for a short period. Very good for getting out of a tough spot as an infantryman, or scattering an infantry line as you charge them on foot or horse.
  • Requires 9 charisma and 12 strength points,
  • Available within 60 seconds after use,
  • Radius of effect ((3/4) x strength) meters.

Rally (U button)

  • Recovers some percentage of your and your wounded troops' life, and looks and sounds great.
  • Requires 12 charisma and 12 intelligence points,
  • Available within 120 seconds after use,
  • Radius of effect ((1/2) x (charisma + intelligence)) meters.

Rage (H button)

  • Boost your strength and speed.
  • Require 15 strength,
  • + 5 points to power strike, power draw, power throw and athletics,
  • + 12 points to agility,
  • Available within 150 seconds after use,
  • Duration (2 x strentg) seconds.

Focus (J button)

  • Boost your weapon proficiency and speed.
  • Require 15 intelligence,
  • + (10 x intelligence) points to all weapons proficiency,
  • + 12 points to agility,
  • Available within 150 seconds after use,
  • Duration (2 x intelligence) seconds.


  • Press and hold B button to brace your spear,
  • Press N button to call your horse.
  • Press O show help menu for combat abilities, K for stamina system and M to close the menu.
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Hey, what do you mean by All weapon is more likely to lost when mounted?and how can you decrease the chances of weapons breaking. Digging the mod. Cheers!


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