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Music plays a really important role in Empire TV Tycoon and this time we would like to talk about the different musics that are part of our game.

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Music in Empire TV Tycoon is being done by the awesome guys at White Hole Studio

The main tune of the game, that you've listened already on the game trailer, was done with a 80 games style in mind and they really nailed it!

The game music is a slower version of that one. This is the music that you will hear when you are playing almost all the time (don't worry, you can't turn off sounds if you don't like it ;))

And finally I would like to talk about how the music works in the game. At the bottom left of the layout in game, you can see there's a small TV with static images showing the content that's being on air for each channel (you can cycle between the three channels). When a movie is on air, the music is replaced for a unique music of that movie genre.

Let's see an example. You program a drama movie for the 20:00h. block, when the actual block of the game is that one, if you select your channel on the TV, the music you will hear will be this one

Hope you like it and kudos to the White Hole Studio guys!

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