Empire TV is a big corporation that is having serious losses and can't afford to maintain three channels any longer, there can be only one. You have been hired to lead one of the channels to the fame and be the one that remains.

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  • Manage your channel and determine which content is the best for the current audience, increase your fame and win the war between the three Empire TV channels.
  • Each audience group have their likes and dislikes. Make them happy and your fame will raise, make them sad and your channel will sink into the TV deeps.
  • Buy and Sell movies or TV shows that better suit your audience. Over 1000 movies to choose from.
  • Don't be tempted to use illegal content, while pirated movies are cheaper, the risk is high and police is always watching.
  • Help the advertisers to reach your audience and win some money, but be careful, sometimes their requests and deadlines are hard to fulfill.
  • Hire workers that will help you on different purposes, each one with their own level and skill.
  • Make your own productions, movies or tv-shows. Distribute your resources in the best way that you can think for each available movie genre.
  • Enjoy a personalized and randomized movie script for each production. Lots of combinations for each movie genre.
  • Hire actors with their own strengths and weakness to act in your production. Do your best to keep them happy and get the most of their acting skills.
  • As the director you will have to take decisions that matter during the production that will affect the final quality.
  • Submit your productions to the industry awards in different categories, be the best and win glory and fame.
  • And discover lots of secrets and other surprises related to the film industry from the last 50 years.

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The game is about to be released in Steam. The launch date will be announced soon, but it will be closer to the first days of October for PC, Mac and Linux. There’s also an iOS/Android version planned for 2016.


Empire TV is a game developed in Unity3d by Dreamsite Games, spanish company from Madrid. If you want to know more about the game, you can check out the presskit ( or contact us directly by email for any question or game access.

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This is the first major patch for Empire TV. With this patch we want to address some of the feedback that we received during this past month since the release of the game in steam. We’ve also added many new features and minor improvements as we could in this short time.

Endless Mode

Endless Mode

This is the first iteration of the endless game mode. Now, when you start a game, you can choose to play in arcade or endless mode. Endless mode will let you play without the pressure of the competition, you can develop your tv channel at your own pace. You will never lose the game going bankrupt (money can still be a problem) and getting behind in fame will only hurt your ego, the audience will love you anyway!

Arcade mode is the same mode we had before, a race vs the others channels to see who is the first to reach 300 fame in normal difficulty or 600 fame in advanced/expert difficulties. When one channel reach the fame cap, wins, and the game ends. At this point, thanks to the addition of endless mode, whether you win or lose the game you can keep playing that same game in endless mode seamlessly.

Customize your channel

AIs and Upgrades

We have reworked the way in which the AIs buy upgrades, so first we had to normalize the fame score system for Advanced and Expert modes, now the fame you get in those modes is the same that in normal mode, +3 for winning the audience in on block, +2 for second place and +1 for third place.

Now the AIs will always buy the upgrades when they have enough fame, so the IAs no longer insta buy the upgrades when you do.

The only exception to this are the two audience upgrades, and only in arcade mode, to maintain the race interesting. When you buy the audience upgrades the AIs will wait a prudential time and then buy them, you will still have some hours of advantage over the AIs if you buy the upgrades first.

Working on your news

Channel customization

We want to give players a little bit more control over what their channel is about and what content to schedule. For this reason we implemented some new features for the game.

When you start a new game you can specialize your channel in a genre, doing so you will get certain advantages in that genre.

We’ve introduced two new features to the game: audience bans and channel news.

Choose the news that suit your audience

Audience bans are free and you will get a fixed amount of bans each day (number changes with difficulty). It will give you the option to remove audience groups from the sofa at a given time. Let's say we have women and geeks in one hour and we want to schedule a sci-fi movie there, we can use one audience ban and remove the woman, leaving just the geek group at the sofa ready to watch our sci-fi movie.

Channel news are a new kind of block usable on the marketing column. News are genre specific, have a cost and a variable number of blocks (the news reset every day).

Each news block have two purposes. First, it adds a flat percent audience increase in its own genre. Second, and most important, it will add one audience group based on its genre to the sofa, if there is enough room.

Ban + news system

Best Movie Award

We wanted to give more importance to the movies that win the best movie award (besides the fame and gold prize). If you are lucky enough to win the award with one of your productions or buy a winner movie produced by the AI, you will be able to broadcast it on your channel with a flat viewer audience bonus based on the production and state of the game.

Linux is back

After some changes we have reenabled the linux version but it will only work for Ubuntu 12.04+ and SteamOS+.

Other changes

- Added two new types of production: mini series (5 ep. tv shows) and long duration tv shows (15 ep.)
- New tooltip at the audience numbers that tells you all the audience bonus of the movie being broadcasted on your channel
- New tooltips for difficulties and game modes in the new game menu
- Now movies carry a lot more audience over the next movie block.
- The -by player- tag is now highlighted to help differentiate content
- Added a few more daily quest to complement the endless mode
- Changed the fame bar to show the three channel's fame
- Work finished and daily quest mails are deleted automatically after a day
- After a short identity crisis, the musicians are back to being rockers
- Children no longer watch the tv after 10 pm, but they appear more often in the afternoon
- Some audience groups had minor changes in their likes
- Rebalanced the money cost of actors
- Rebalanced the salary of the workers
- You can now resign your game at anytime
- Graphical and color improvements in some screens of the game
- The pink screen and the production bugs are finally fixed
- Fixed some minor bugs

New TV shows options

This patch includes features and adjustments to core functionalities, because of it this version is incompatible with any savegame prior to 1.1.0.

We are sorry that we don't have the game in german yet, we hope to have it fully translated before christmas (big thanks to the community members who are contributing to it!).

We are really happy with this patch, those new features will get even better and more content will be added over time. We are a small team of two people and we want to keep improving the game more and more, in fact we already working in a way to make custom games where you will be able to select the parameters of every game. As always, be free to post your suggestions on the discussion boards!

Thank you all for your support.

Game status and much more!

Game status and much more!


It's been a long time since we give you any kind of update about the game (as Luke pointed out, 2 months) but fear not, we have been working hard on Empire...

Inside the game music

Inside the game music


Music plays a really important role in Empire TV Tycoon and this time we would like to talk about the different musics that are part of our game.

We are on Greenlight!

We are on Greenlight!


Empire TV Tycoon, a game where you can make your own movies while manage your TV channel, hire actors, advertisers and much more, is now on Greenlight...

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When does it come out?

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hmortis Creator

20th October!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Will the game have some kind of date? I know this is late, saying this, but I LOVE managment-tycoon games to have an in game starting date, so you can create Doctor Who in the 60s for example. Could that be possible, starting in the 50-60s and see the change in taste and technology. Then it would be possible to create and evolve a TV series and adapt it with the changing audience. To change the issue of time it takes to advance a year, you could make one week be one month, or something. Tell me if this is impossible to do, or if it indeed is possible!

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
hmortis Creator

Thank you for your interest! Well, I've played some tycoons with the mechanics that you are commenting and it worked fantastic. On the other hand we haven't planned that kind of evolution in Empire TV, this is more an atemporal game, there's no technology evolution in the way you suggest. At this moment it's impossible because it's not been planned to work that way and change it now would be terrible for us in time terms. I feel this is a great suggestion and believe me that we will have this kind of feature in mind when we begin to think in future upgrades. Once again, thank you :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Looks cools did you guys take the idea from a old Dos game Mad tv?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
hmortis Creator

Absolutely! Mad TV inspired the game but we have changed a lot of things and introduced our own concepts into the game to give it enough personality. At this point this two are different games, at least that's what we want! Thank you for your support!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

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Looks cool. I will definitely track this.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
hmortis Creator

Thank you Pancake!!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

This game looks great! Can't wait to give it a go!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
hmortis Creator

Thank you for the support Murel!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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