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Responding to community requests, a few words about the beta feedback and some other goodies inside.

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Our beta is way underway, a lot of great feedback came in and we're doing our best to polish the game as much as possible. We'll be soon holding additional beta key giveaways on our forums, facebook and twitter.

Beta Feedback

We've been given a lot of great insight regarding the game once the beta went live. Most of this feedback has already found its way into the game one way or another, and the rest will follow shortly as new patches arrive.

A few quick notes on the so far changes. First change came to the Score-Point gamemode, where players suggested a change from pickup priority, hitbox sizes and difficulty settings. We've increased the hitboxes, increased rewards but removed the pickup priority to finish the levels. A new patch will spawn two gamemodes from this one, creating one where Score-Points are not mundane for level completion but provide a larger bonus, and a version where points are needed to end a level.

We've also experimented a bit with the movement system, some things were nerfed, some things will be boosted to try and find a more balanced gameplay. In addition to that, we have a bunch of small tweaks to the HUD that will provide assinstance to the whole walljump mechanic. To top it off, we've also have reviewed the suggested gamemodes - and we are on our way to expanding the available options of the game.

All in all, the beta feedback was very positive so far - we're looking forward to polishing the game as much as possible, and to the release. We're very happy to have all the awesome beta tester guys who help us achieve this. Thank you guys, you're AMAZING!

A couple of quotes from so far previews:

  • "It’s a freeform platformer that lets you feel extraordinary. (...) I’m really excited about this one." John Walker,
  • "It looks absolutely gorgeous." Cassandra Khaw,
  • "It manages to invoke feelings of child-like wonder." Justin Richardson,
  • "inMomentum looks ready to fill a very specific PC gaming niche – trick jumping – one that hasn’t had a dedicated title in its name for far too long." PCPowerPlay Magazine

We hope you enjoyed this update. If you would like to follow our progress, you can Watch the project or tune in with one of our community sites. Thank you for your interest and support!

Rukus_ - - 660 comments

Thats the feeling I get from the screenshots :)

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xXMaNiAcXx - - 4,807 comments

The screenshots are a lamy way to show the game if you ask me. Even videos are.
When I play this game I feel completely free, when I start running and jumping around I just feel like i'm flying, really, this game is amazing.

Thanks for inviting me for joining the beta, you have a place in my brain(Because the heart has no feelings you smarties).

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mxtomek - - 142 comments

this game is on the right way to success

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