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Some words about version 1.9.31 and it's problems. Also information about 1.9.32

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Hi everyone!

Many of you noticed, that the newest released version - with the number 1.9.31 - doesn't want to work as intended. But I have to say that I handicapped this release without intense testing. I just completed my school with excelent performance and have an odd job too. So there wasn't that much time aviable.

The problem is I only offered one Game.EXE with this release. And that EXE has already applied the HyperPatch, which fixes the sonic waveclass error, corrects the bugged camos on infiltrated buildings and optimizes the code a little bit.

I even run myself into the "Please reinstall error" with the HyperPatch. For the next release I am going to include 2 EXEs (one with the HPatch and one without) so that everyone who has problems to run the game with the HPatch, has the possibilty to still play without it.

If you want to get the 1.9.31 version to work, you have to use the FreeTS version provied by EA (which can be download on many sites) as that version does have everything included except the LAN patch and map editor. Or you can also use the Game.EXE from the 1.9.3 version and play without the HPatch.

Also I am trying to fix ASAP all bugs I get from feedback and I am going to do as much testing as possible!

Stay tuned for a better version soon!


kazarr - - 253 comments

You're an industrious one, aren't you? For a one-man team you're very quick to respond to bugs and issues.
I think the community will much appreciate your hard work. :)

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zero99913 - - 321 comments

yes respect for your work and the effort you put into this project!

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Astor Author
Astor - - 1,946 comments

Thank you for your support, it keeps me motivated to go on!

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Guest - - 689,161 comments

Hi the version i've got says it's V2.03 and everything starts up ok,but as soon as any match has finished loading it crashes with a critical error.

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Astor Author
Astor - - 1,946 comments

It should be 1.9.3...if it says 2.03 than you haven't used the modded exe provided by the mod.

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