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-How big will the custom story be? -How big will the rooms be? -have we filled the empty rooms? -Peformance&Graphics -fast download? -pre download (like preorder) -could you play the cs with a low pc? -a lot of stuff that are not in Amnesia (custom stuff) -ideas -full conversion -DLC these questions and more will be answered.

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Hey everybody, i know we are lil bit early, but the administrator have to analyse this and that will take a time too. So better too early then too late.

Here are our informations about the Custom story "Lost but not alone". Enjoy.

-How big will the custom story be?
The Custom Story will be 1-2 hours to play if you know the story better than anyone and rush.

-How big will the rooms be?
We will make the rooms bigger than ever seen, and you can play it as smooth as it is when theres only 1 room. How? Check Performance and Graphics!

-have we filled the empty rooms?
There was a question when the first Gameplaytrailer came out, there were a lot of empty rooms, but one of our room designer fixed it, so dont worry.

The textures will give you the feeling, you are in another game, we are gonna remove every single glitch and bug, so that you can play smooth, even if the rooms are big.

-fast download?
We know, that there are Amnesia players all over the world, and for that we are gonna share many Download links, and there will be a installer, that makes the download even faster.

-pre download (like preorder)
Pre download is like a preorder, you have to pay nothing, but you have to answer some questions, 2 days before the official release is, you will get the private download link, that gives you access to the game, so you can play it 2 days before. More information about that, very soon.

-could you play the cs with a low pc?
You can play the custom story if your amnesia works.

-a lot of stuff that are not in Amnesia (custom stuff)
There will be a lot of stuff that are custom... some of them are
-Flashlight : You can hold it by yourself, it has a mechanic that (i think) never was used before.
-Torch : The Torch was seen in some custom storys. it will make its comeback at lost but not alone.

we are currently thinking of some DLCs. If you have a idea, its very good for you, because one question at the "Pre Download" is, if you have any ideas for a DLC.

-full conversion
sadly, we have some problems with the full conversion mod, so we are focusing about that, after the release.
we already have ideas for 3 DLCs. Information about that, soon.

-How are you gonna make this custom story scarier than the others?
we have many tactics, there are sound effects for confusing the player, then there are custom monsters which we will not show you. And much more, you will feel like you are in a horror movie.

So that was it, hope you enjoyed it, your questions are welcome here. Stay tuned for Gameplay-Trailer 2, some scary screens and the pre download function!


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