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This is just to clarify that not only is Forgotten in development, but I have a working demo of it (It's outdated, but still completely playable and enjoyable) available on another website. (It will be available here, as well) Inside I talk more specifically about what stage of development the game is in and how often I work on it.

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To re-iterate the summary: There's a fully working and playable demo of this game available offsite. I'm not sure about Desura's linking policy so I'm not going to link you there, but it's easy enough to find if you do a little searching and the demo will be available here very soon.

The demo features one level in it's entire length, with about 60% of it's intended content and depth. This is more than enough to get a feel for how the game plays, minus some of the over-arching elements that don't start affecting you until you've invested a lot of time into the game. Which is honestly pretty sad, considering those are some of the most important parts of the game, but I've gotten excellent feedback from players so far and that only motivates me to push forward with more updates.

Speaking of which, that demo's not been updated for quite a while. Over a month, in fact. And within the period of this month, I have actually finished the entire 2nd level as well, plus I've added more features and the first encounter with an enemy that you face is under construction right now. I've mostly not uploaded this because of some pretty severe Internet issues (right now I'm using my phone's data connection, -hardly fast enough to upload the game's file anywhere) but I'm also considering withholding the content of the second level, for people who buy the full game only. I'm most likely going to set up another demo that contains all the new features and improvements, but just the first level, and distribute that one. I'd really like to get an alpha funding program started for this and having a whole level ready from the start for funders will be a lot better than making them wait.

I work on Forgotten daily, for hours a day. Aside from the fact that I have other occupations, I would devote pretty much my entire day to the game. While some days are obviously more productive than others, there's a definite upward shift in productivity as I add more and more features that I can recycle and variate rather than building from scratch again. Plus, the constant feedback I get from having a public demo makes it easy for me to prioritize what I need to do with the game.

I'd like to also end this on the note that I do plan on updating the news section of Forgotten's profile as it comes up, with information about updates, feature implementation, and information about the development process.

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