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We've created our IndieDB profile page for Eclipse Colony.

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We've now created our IndieDB profile page! Most updates will still go on, but I'll try to keep this updated as well.

Rimworld: The Story Engine is a sci-fi colony sim designed to generate stories.

Instead of fighting back against the player like a challenge to overcome, the system is built to generate dramatic situations for your colonists. So, there are only a few colonists, they each have a characterization, and the game creates random events that it thinks will spice up the goings-on in the game.

An AI storyteller system semi-randomly generates events to keep things interesting, similar to the AI Director in Left 4 Dead. It may send a group of pirate raiders after you to increase the drama, or drop a supply cache on you if you're having trouble.

Players direct their colonists to construct living and eating spaces, grow food, mine rooms out of the rock, create an industrial production line, research new technologies, fight raiders, and trade with passing ships.

Each colonist has a multi-part history which defines their abilities and desires. A former pirate is a good fighter, but socially dysfunctional. A former nobleman is educated, but will not farm. You must make a functioning colony from this ragtag group of survivors.

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