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I have been working very hard on my own indie game recently. It is called "Sporadic Spire" and will be released on steam within the next few days.

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During the summer, I have been working tirelessly on an indie game that I am working on. The game, called "Sporadic Spire", will be releasing on steam within the next few days. I am fairly new to indie development and have only been doing it for one or two years, so don't expect a triple-A title. The game is a 3D, low poly tower defense game that will be released for roughly $5 on launch. Go ahead and give it a try. I will attempt to make at least one update for the game later, so constructive criticism is welcome. Buying the game will support me to create really cool future indie games and mods.

Although this game took a while to create and polish, I must give some credit to the great testers, composers, and business/social-media managers who have helped me a great deal. To publish this game, my friend and I created a company known as "Contamination Studios" that will host all of my future indie games. Go ahead and join our discord to receive important updates, give some feedback, and hang out. This month, we will be hosting a speedrunning competition for who can reach the highest wave. The reward, as of now, will be a $100 payment. Join the discord for more information on the submission process.

Many of you may be wondering about the state of the Galactic Saga Mod. Although I am not currently working on it, I will find time in the future to. So, don't worry, this mod isn't dead!

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