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INCOMING! WWII Online is adding new Motorized 81mm mortars soon, resulting in the longest firing indirect weapons available for ground forces. Let's dive in to check out all upcoming mortar carriers and learn about its unique capabilities! Sign up for free at

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Coming soon to WWII Online is the Motorized Mortars which are part of our 2022 Roadmap Deliveries. Today we're pleased to show you current work-in-progress photos, made possible by our paid subscribers and Indiegogo backers (thank you). These will be the longest-reaching indirect fire weapons added to the game for the Army to date and each vehicle has its own special capabilities. For all of those Welcome Back Soldiers who just came by, we hope you had a great time and that you'll decide to stick with us and subscribe at Let's carry on with the update now and look inside for pictures!

Motorized Mortars - Now in Development!

Motorized mortars will be available throughout the war and equipped with High Explosive (HE) and Smoke mortar rounds. They will have a commander with range-finding capabilities should you have eyes on your target. You will need to coordinate with ground forces to range your mortar rounds. On release will provide some more information on how to use this and try to make ranging easy to understand. Unlike the current infantry mortarman, you will use your joystick, mouse or keyboard to operate the mortar tube and you'll have a sight on each vehicle that you see when pressing (. Numpad aka gun sight key) to see your angle and trajectory.

Please remember that everything you're about to see remains a work in progress and is subject to additional changes.

Special shout out to CORN and SADGUY for their many hours of production on these assets, and for TEX64 and HATCH supporting with research.

US & FR M21 W/81MM

Equipped with an 81mm and the M2 .50 Caliber machine gun in the rear, this will become available with US forces as they enter the war.

M21 Halftrack for the US Forces (81mm + M2 .50 Caliber)

81mm WIP sight


Granatwerfer 34 on the Skdfz 251 HT

We plan to add some more information to this, such as ranging information.

Granatwerfer 34 Sdkfz 251 work in progress gun sight


While we recently introduced a Universal Carrier Mk II, this asset required us to build from the chassis upward, an all-new vehicle model. The main feature of this carrier, of course, is that it has a 360* traverse rate unlike the US and German variant which is fixed forward, however, it lacks a machine gun for extra support and its commander is a little exposed (stay off the frontline!). Note the British and French forces will use this particular mortar carrier. The French will lose this mortar carrier once it's replaced with the M21 when the US gets added (as mentioned above and how other things like the Lorraine / M3HT work).

Universal Carrier Mk I and 81mm


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