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The BG2 dev team continues to add onto the epic 2.0 release with a new death cam and game modes. Stay posted for more updates!

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Dropping in to give you guys a taste of whats in store for you in the next release, the BG2 dev team is happy to present the newest deathcam! Check it out here:

Also in the works is a new gameplay mode similar to modes seen in Battlefield 2, Battlefront and Firearms: Source. The mode involves a fixed number of reinforcements with the goal being to drain the enemies reinforcements before yours are. Stay tuned for more updates about this new game mode and other exciting additions the BG2 dev team is working on.

RKotern - - 295 comments

Great to hear that news!

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hogsy - - 619 comments


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Newbez - - 480 comments

great! i love this mod, long live livgarden (? right??)! i think you guys should concentrate though on stuff like textures and animation, i honestly couldn't find any bugs, and the gameplay, i loved it! soooo unique

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bliblix - - 46 comments

I'd rather see a graphic overhaul than some deathcams to be honest, this is for now the only and biggest flaw of the mod, its graphics.

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cooldude21212 - - 5 comments

yeah I would love to see better use of the hl2 source engine.

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Matt_Bak3r - - 347 comments

i really wish they had made it better for players to work together, linebattle. thats what most player think is fun, which it is. but nooo, let's make new classes, that will make the mod more unqine and build on the mod, which is not teamplay matches, but different guns........


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new_roob - - 20 comments

How exactly could the BG2 Dev Team have made it easier for players to work together?

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Matt_Bak3r - - 347 comments

some very good ideas at the forums, don't know if they still are there.

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DarkLiberator - - 155 comments

The ticket system should be interesting.

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AdrianL1996 - - 467 comments

Maybe consider changing the player models in game? Also, change the voice commands from, "Present" to "Present Arms". Also replace some other ones for "Fire at will" and "March"

Also, would it be possible to make a line battle an actual game type? Besides reloading and firing in what direction you want, the players could have no control of movement, firing until ordered, or breaking formation. All of these could be ordered by the commander, and all these actions controlled by him alone. When I downloaded Battlegrounds, that's the exact way I thought it was going to be. Not a bad idea, aye?

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