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The Imperial Warlord Titan for Ultimate Apocalypse has been updated to add new textures, new voice, and completely rebalanced to fit the UA rules better.

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The Warlord titan add-on for the UA mod just got a huge make-over, and while still ongoing, this new appearance should make it a little less butt ugly to look at. Also, thanks to Lord Cylarne of the UA team, the Warlord now has a new voice of it's own and sounds appropriately titan-ish. Yes, that's a word... At least it is now :P

Warlord Titan version 006 updates the following over previous versions:
1. New skin/texture with more detail added
2. Voice Over work by Lord Cylarne gives Warlord it's own voice now
3. Completely rebalanced unit health and shield levels to match up proportionately with existing UA titans like Warhound and Reaver.
4. Minor weapons range and damage tweaks though not much reduced as yet, thinking being that this IS a Warlord after all, anything caught in the open by it is pretty much dead. It is killable, but only if you overwhelm it with numbers and swarm it. One on one, no other unit will or should be able to go toe to toe with it short of a Chaos Warlord or Tyranid equiv. Neither Eldar nor Tau have anything to scale with it, though the Orc Great Gargant should make even a Warlord seem small. I hear rumors of a Great Gargant in the works somewhere out there though... beware :P
5. Adds very tiny easteregg for Dragonball Z fans, but better have a good eye to catch it :P

The Warlord Titan add-on requires Ultimate Apocalypse 1.73.9 and is not configured for other mods, use at your own risk if installing on any other mod. Previous versions of this add-on are not required or needed in any way, though can be safely overwritten. Ultimate Apocalypse team is not responsible for this add-on as it is not made by them. Lord Cylarne's contribution was done as a favor only and should not be construed in any other way as to future units included in their team's mods.

Use freely and however you wish, I am not the original author of the model so can claim no ownership. Credit for model creation goes to MMX and further refinements by ZMS mod team. Titan voice files credit to Lord Cylarne. Unit reconfiguration for Soulstorm compatibility, retexturing, and balancing done by me, the_moshpit.

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been trying to figure that one out for a bit now. It's been a lower priority till now. Am actually toying with a different missile firing animation choice, more of a direct dire style. we'll see how that goes.

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