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In reality spears would impale and embed themselves into soldiers so we've been working on enabling that to occur in game.

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Impale Spears into Soldiers

We've just created a new weapons detection feature that enables spears to impale themselves into a soldier under certain circumstances, like angle of entry.

The spear will impale where it hits the soldier, from a glancing to major blow.

Take a look at some in game images after we've updated the Zulu's throwing spear weapon.


Both British and Zulu players command a squad of AI. They can be ordered individually, in smaller squads or as a whole.

Game Settings

There are a number of game settings including:

  • Player movement speed, tiredness and AI fighting effectiveness
  • Number of walls that need to be breached to capture
  • Smoke
  • Iron sights
  • Player death

Some images of soldiers copping a blow from the pointy end of a throwing spear:


"Stick Around"
"Sir,I think I've got a splinter"
"Why are you running? I wood like to meet you"
"It sure is hot in Africa, I hope I don't get stuck outside all day"

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Too soon....

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