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A quick-release of Immersion 1.0. Just in time for your Christmas holidays, the struggle for more historical accuracy in Company of Heroes continues. Return to the Beaches of Normandy or the Tulip Fields of Arnhem. Fight in sunny Southern France or the uninviting Hurtgen Forest. Master more than 50 Singleplayer missions, all adapted to the historical battles. Experience a Company of Heroes you have never seen so detailed.

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At last: The long-awaited final Version of Immersion 1944 Phase One. (1.0) will be released.

Due to Christmas, I lack time to provide a proper Installer for now. So I will release it as Open Beta, which should be working as well, but gives me the opportunity to adress problems that might have slipped through ( they always do! ) due to the hasty release. The mod has been intensively tested though, but you knwer know.

Immersion 1944 Version 1.0 - Open Beta -

Here is a small list of just of major changes which might explain the long wait. Thx for your patience, guys.

- hopefully solved all mission crashes & repaired non-working ones.
- enhanced and polished a lot of missions
- further corrected historical inaccuracies in skins and missions ( still work in progess)
- Removed the unhistorical Bridges from the Carentan missions
- Added new Mission "Barkmanns Corner" to US Campaign ( reworked "Autry" ) as US units didnt encounter Tigers until after Falaise
- exchanged British units with Canadian 3rd Infantry Division in "Authie",swapped Cromwells for Shermans where possible, corrected 17th SS to 12th
- added Crusader AA for British and Staghound AA to the canadian missions
- added some more units for the Germans: Renault FT 17, Sdkfz 7/2,leIG18, Pak 36, Wespe, Grille, SdKfz -251/2 and Sdkfz 251/10
- exchanged the Bergetiger with an SdKfz 9 for Panzerelite in Campaign & skirmish, stats in skirmish remain the same
- changed the defending Army in "Best" to from PE to Wehrmacht, because it was not the 9th SS but the 59th - Infantry Division which defended it
- exchanged Waffen SS with Fallschirmjäger from Kamfgruppe Jungwirth in "Return to Valkenswaard" and Tigers back to Jagdpanthers
- added Ostruppen to german defenders in Montebourg, Cherbourg, Nan-White Beach and Oeration Deadstick
- added proper armpatches for all Commonwealth Infantry
added HD Skins and non-mirroring ranks for Wehrmacht units, non-mirorring arm eagles for SS Infantry ( still work in progess)

- Completely new sounds!!

Immersion 1944 now contains the new "Ultimate Sound Mod" by XFX that features much more authentic weapon- and even engine sounds and fixes a lot of sound bugs of the original game.

Ultimate Sound Mod

...and much more tiny details no one will really notice. ;)

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p o g g e r s. This is ******* awesome ngl.

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Congratulations on the release)

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Huzzah! Xmas came early!

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In the original first mission in the british campaign (now the third) there is a bug after you repel the german attack and the map screens shows. After the map screen is finished i have no hud and cant move the camera. I tired it twice and the bug always happens.

I also played the market garden campaign which was pretty cool.

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time to reinstall company of heroes

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This is good mod but I'm suffering fatal scar error during Carentan Counterattack continuosly

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