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So, what happened during the month of January to March? Find out in the all new adventures of Haunter and friends!

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I would certainly scream like a little girl if I were to do a TV show for kids with that title. 'Haunter and friends'... Sheesh!

Ok. I'm now busy and totally engrossed with schoolwork. Trust me, I've never worked so hard in my life before when it comes to schoolwork. The end result usually brings a smile to the face. Furthermore, on February Friday the 13th, my laptop got infected with a friggin' rootkit. That's a deadly computer virus for those in the unknown.

I used the recovery CD at first but then the moment I start up, my explorer suddenly lags like it was running on Pentium. So I took out my hard disk and attached it to my external disk casing and plugged it into my desktop which had Windows Vista running. Amazingly, that OS can detect the rootkit infecting my hard disk. I did a search and lo and behold, that damn thing came from Indonesia! Yeah, we have some Indos in my class and they're fun to have around. Apparently, my friend is virus illiterate before he plugged Claudia into my Acer.

Claudia's the name of the thumbdrive, by the way.

So yep, formatted the whole damn thing and now C++ and CL just needs to be brought back. But I've decided to put them on hold first until the holidays which is from May to June. I also have stuff to settle with my army. Quite interestingly, they love me and refuse to let me go; something I never want.

Counter-Life needs a few more surprises and noooooo..... I haven't forget about what I'm going to do with the Gargantua. Maybe when Version 1.1 comes out, you will fear him. And I'll be probably adding Secret Weapon 2. Hopefully there's enough space for that.


"on February Friday the 13th" The date... that's why it happend.
About the secret weapon, will you not make it too strong? I found the original secret weapon too strong actually, and it made the game too easy.
I can't wait for the gargantua thing! :D

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version 1.1? Hmmm... Will wait)

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i decided to "Mod your mod" and decided to add the Counter-Strike Condition Zero Deleted Scenes viewmodels and worldmodels since i always thought they were better, but when i copied them into CL's files they were in left-handed mode and i could not actually put them in right-handed mode for some reason.
is it possible to fix this or is this generally a bug with GoldSrc?

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