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While there won't be anything new for awhile, Ground Zero isn't dead, just stalled.

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I know not many people are following this production, but for the few who are, don't worry about the lack of new content in the following week. I haven't given up, it's just that I'm the only developer at the moment, and my school is having required spring trips for a week, so I will be unable to work on this mod. Secondly, even after that, one of the recent maps has gotten corrupted, so after I return a lot of effort will go into fixing/rebuilding that as opposed to creating new content.

All in all, it's just a week, but I didn't want anyone to think that development had ceased.


The ninjas failed me, them I shale finish you myself...

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It takes a while to generate hundreds of least when you start off with not much to show.

No worries - some Mods go for months without an update then boom, theres something big. Most trackers wont think the Mod is dead over just one week . I actually make it a point to only release an update once per week or two weeks. Otherwise I feel like Im spamming my trackers with updates of every tiny thing. A lot of them dont like that :P

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Coppermantis Author

Oh, yeah, I'm still new to Moddb, so I wasn't sure how long it takes for people to think something's dead. In other places, a few days is a long time to go without new content, so I just used that as a scale.

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