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Hello World! this is my very first mod for one of my favorite games EVER!, and this game is DOOM. I've created a wad file that will includes a remix and remastering from Doom's Episode 1: Knee Dead From The Dead. I'm now working with the episodes 2 and 3 and I will include also Doom 2 on future releases - read the post for details.

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Hello World! this is my very first mod for one of my favorite games EVER!, and this game is DOOM. (download link at the end of the post)

As a musician I had an idea to create a remake from the original MUS files from the Episode 1 (Knee Deep in the Dead) and exported them to MIDI, then after customized and exported into MP3 with samples from real instruments to make the music sound closer to a real life ensemble or band or orchestra, I didn't intented to make big changes on original patches from synths or adding any special effects like many other mods, I know there are and they sound awesome by the way!, but the thing is that I just wanted to make it sound the more original possible to the initial concept from the game, no changes at all (or minimal, subtle changes), trying to keep the original concept from the original creator(s), I left all untouched at it´s maximum possible, I just had some kind of idea like: What if Doom could sound like if the game were made in 2020 with realistic audio samples?

The results were as I expected and It created that nostalgia effect like if you were listening the game music on a wavetable sound card like the Sound Blaster AWE32 (I still remember It, actually I had a SB 32PnP) but with a boost on the metal guitar and bass sounds, better acoustics with a mix guitar and bass making it more to the way true metal rock sounds combined with orchestral instruments.

I know the are still many fans from the vintage PC's from the 90's and if you are one of them you will definitely remember how it sounded by those years with the FM chips trying to imagine the real sounds comming from your speakers and wanting to have something to enchance the music quality produced by the wavetable chips of the 90's computer age and will note the difference between imagination and making it real.

Then Give it a try and don't forget to give a feedback, I will appreciate any feedback you can do about the project and thanks for your time!, any comments will be welcomed, If I recieve enough feedback from It, of course I will continue to remake the music from the next episodes and Doom 2 :)

And what's the name of the MOD?, oohhh right!, the name is:

"Doom Remake - The Metal Legacy"

have fun!.

Download The Mod at:

Download GZDoom at:

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