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If you like fast paced, roguelike dungeon crawler that takes inspiration from more modern games in the genre, then Illfated is for you! We have worked hard to create a smooth, charming and fun game that will have you stuck for hours trying to defeat the most difficult bosses there are!

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In Illfated, you slaughter your way through mobs, explore randomly generated worlds and defeat mighty bosses! To help you on your way are powerful items, that can either boost your stats, or offer some type of trade-off, where you have to give something up in return.

Key features:

  • Fight your way through over 10 different types of levels, each with its own kind of enemies, traps and obstacles.
  • Each level is completely randomly generated, making every run unique!
  • Defeat difficult but rewarding bosses.
  • Obtain 100+ different items with different types of effects and rarity.
  • Choose to play as either the Ranger, a long-range agile character utilizing the distance between him and his enemies as a weapon, or the Barbarian, a hard-hitting melee character that goes into a frenzy if hurt too much.
  • Unlock new content through Achievements.

We really love this game we have greated, and we hope you will too! Here is our kickstarter link where you can support us and help us get this game made: Illfated

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