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"Final update" pft, not even me knows when to stop in IkaDoom xD

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Hey!, too many things happened, I said that 1.3 would be the final version, but after finding bugs here and there, finding graphics and learning things, I wanted to continue more in the project, and here I am :)

Screenshot Doom 20220203 222400

Screenshot Doom 20220125 215630

Screenshot Doom 20220131 163059

First, multiple graphic improvements have been added, when you have the maximum chain, a graph will start indicating that you have the maximum chain and you will not be able to increase its healing improvement, but you will be able to continue using it

I also added multiple graphic improvements and sounds to make the project even better looking, like the divines have now a sound warning, some particles are changed, and more. God Like being mainly the most affected with even a new ending and with a change in an attack for greater balance

I tried multiplayer IkaDoom a few times with friends, and really although it flowed well and played quite well, I noticed some details that are now fixed, I even added a function which shows what shield polarity your partner holds above him, I would have loved to make a kind of aura around the player, but sometimes the engine is limited and I can't do much without disturbing the player's view :')

Added multiple details more than anything, polish as I said, like new icon in the menu, or the glow in the hud bar when having energy max, but without modifying some things much so that you can put your sound addons if you like or skins for example :)

Surely I'm forgetting some things, but I think that working in this for de-stressing from school and being able to have something more polished in this little project, it makes me feel good to have this, the next step? Maybe a mappack, it would be interesting to see what can be done with this, although of course, I wouldn't do it alone and I would have to look for mappers who do it better than I can do, who knows, time will tell.

I am very grateful to the people who have told me something about my project, it is nice to see that they liked it and I appreciate it very much, Thank you very much for playing and enjoy this little update :)

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