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Yet another update about game mechanics - IFS Intoxication/Fatigue/Spirit.

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Hi guys!

Yet another share about the game mechanics. As you can see there two progress bar next to the player picture - red one and violet one. So the violet one is a IFS indicator. Whats this mean?

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That's my from my WIKI:

Game mechanics and specification\Progress bar ‘IFS’ - additional factor affecting on the combat

Name: IFS stats which characterizes the ‘morale’ – player’s intoxication, fatigue and so on
Value: from 0 to 1 fractional. For example: 0.01, 0.15 and so on
Description: IFS Intoxication/Fatigue/Spirit

This stat grows up with multiple battles without rest, when receiving damage from heavy weapons (grenades, machine gun, etc.) and also from taking any painkillers that raise health during the combat (intoxication). Its growth is affected by almost everything that does not calls as 'peaceful' actions. The higher value then chances of getting a critical action is higher (fall, or drop weapons, shoot yourself in the leg). Also, the probability of a miss will increase.

Can be removed only by going to the Doctor or by using stats 'Medicine', sleep-rest, gambling, relaxing with girls (or boys as you wish) or by using medbot camera.

And WIP - one of the details of buildings. Those heads will be on corners of some buildings . I think it's gonna be more interesting. So I'm planning a lot of statues.


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