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Hello fellow developers! Please have a look at our latest Assault Rifle concepts and let us know which you prefer, and feel free to enjoy our latest environment WIPs. Don't forget to track us!!!

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Development News 30/10/2012

Time for another MODDB update! Let's get straight into the good stuff and look at some pretty pictures!

Assault Rifle Concept:

(High Res:

Let us know what you think, and which mag you would prefer to see in-game! Will be models following.

Our Tech Artist has been hard at work and has created our brand new master material, which allows our artists to create fantastic varied textures with minimum effort! Here is a screenie which shows off a few of its features:

Here is an environment WIP of the exterior of one of our buildings: Fishawy's Cafe:

And finally an interior WIP scene, Grapes Winery:


We're really interested on how YOU think the game is developing, and the kind of things you want from an FPS, so please do leave comments with any crits, suggestions or thoughts.

We are currently recruiting environment artists, so don't hesitate to get in contact if you are interested. Check out our recruitment thread here.

In the mean time don't forget to track us, and please like us on Facebook!

Over and Out.

- Rowan Moss
Project Lead at Mosswood Games.



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Great work. Love you art!

Mag 1 for me :-)

Here's my two cents worth of thoughts:
FPS are getting really predictable at the moment and pretty damn boring to play however, I do really like Borderlands for a few reasons. 1. it's art direction 2. It's gun generator 3. the RPG elements and 4. it's fun, crazy silly fun.
I'd love to see more of the RPG/looting/collecting working together elelements taken further and I really dont like games where it's run shoot, get shot, re-spawn, it just becomes a game of chicken and the only skill is who can keep the recital on the other player the longest while holding down fire.

Anyway I could rant on for ages, but I really hope you guys bring something into the mix that breaks the norm, because it's about time someone did and with those lovely shots above you obviously have an eye for detail.

best of luck, i'll be following!

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On the exterior the normal maps don't seem to work. The top floor(s) also look very BSP-like and plain. I don't understand the triangle part of the roof. Why is it there at all?
And finally, shouldn't the pillar on top perhaps use a different material/texture? It seems possible that it is also made out of bricks, but I believe the more common way to create pillars is from slice of stone on top of each other.

The interior, on the other hand, looks much better. I don't know why you call it a cafe though, when it looks exactly like a vinyard, or whine shop. I guess, more will follow.

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rowan_moss Author

Thanks for the feedback guys!

bensimms: We are trying to push the RPG elements with levelling up actually affecting the characters core statistics (and being able to choose where they go). I really like the idea of looting though, and will definitely put some thought into something like that!

SinKing: Thanks for the crit, the normal map is working up there, but I guess its not popping enough for the time being. The triangle part of the roof is leaning towards a modernised ancient egyptian architecture, which I like! You might be right about the columns, I will pass on the feedback to the artist working on the scene. The winery scene (as mentioned above) is not the interior of that building, but another building completely that I am personally working on.

Really interesting, the mag choices from people all over facebook etc are completely spread out amongst the three, really interested in what everyone else thinks!

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Excellent, it's always good to give players a choice. Could make for some interesting Fps action!

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I dont know if this is just me but i really like the lighting on the interior just seems really cool. for the gun concept i like the gun having the long clip not the square bulky clip. But this looks great.

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sa ma cac an saitu vostru e deceaba

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