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The Icarus Beta is a go! Just a little update to keep everyone informed on how development is going.

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I felt like I was ignoring you fine folks at IndieDB by just posting on my blog, so here's the latest: the story is finished, the arcade Treasure Hunt mode is finished, the soundtrack is implemented (although there may be more music in the pipeline), the installer finally works, and everything is generally coming together nicely. I guess I have time to remake parts of the manual I didn't like now while I wait on my testers.

Speaking of which, the Icarus Beta has been sent off to my volunteers and with the way time flies it'll be no time before the full thing is up. It's such a weird feeling to have to take off my programmer hat and suddenly don the manager/marketing hat. With any luck there won't be much to change and it'll just be a matter of setting up a page dedicated to Icarus and getting it out to the public.

The worst part is the game isn't even done and I already have ideas for other games (that take less time to make I hope). I think I might look into Unity3D and start doing smaller projects on my blog if it's as easy to use as people say. I'll probably regret ever saying this once I start working my 9-5 job though.

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