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Let's talk about how Derxwna is slow today, shall we!

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Being a lazy and unmotivated person working on two large projects at once kinda takes a toll on a person, creativley at least. I swear though the mod is not dead, it's in my thoughts almost every time I look at my computer. I've been formulating ideas for the campaign, we've drafted out a few new units and buildings for the factions. I promise, work is getting done. Slowly, but it is.

I started work on the first mission of the Hakurei Liberation Army campaign a few weeks back. It's a very rough draft, especially since it's my first serious attempt at making a map, and my first attempt overall at making a single player mission. I'll drop a video here when it has a bit more to show off (And the video records at a decent quality unlike last time).

I've been drafting out missions because that's all I really can do without going into reorganizing the Ini files to be nice and tidy for my standards (Drogan, I love the mod, but my brain dictates Hyper-Organization of the Ini files). We've managed to slay a few of the bugs, make some changes to existing concepts, add in a few new units here and there. But we're stalled on a few concepts. We need someone, at this point anyone, who can voxel or create SHPs. Myself and Mugendai are not the best when it comes to it, and our only Voxeler/SHPer is Ichor, and he's too busy with school and highly suggests we get a second one on-board. If you want to contribute some help to the mod, even feedback on bugs in the current release, it is welcome. Just drop me a line here or on the ChaoticInfinity Development Tumblog. If you wish to help with Voxels or SHPs or any sort of graphics, a proof of skill needs to be shown.

I feel kinda bad for writing this news post, because it feels as if I'm letting down not just others (If there is anyone who cares for the mod), but letting down myself. My New Years resolution for this mod is to iron out bug fixes in time for a Summer Proof of Concept Beta. If not Summer, then before the end of 2014.

Derxwna out.

Kyou. - - 920 comments

I generally find that most people who post a we're not dead post, follow that post with a cancelled project next news post so I hope you keep up the willpower.

Might be bit of a long shot but you could try the moddb jobs section to find another voxel artist.

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DerxwnaKapsyla Author
DerxwnaKapsyla - - 20 comments

Yeah that tends to be how it goes, doesn't it. The reason we haven't moved forward at all is because we've reached a huge impasse - What we need right now is graphics, and none of us are skilled enough to tackle graphics (Save for Ichor, who like I said has school). The last thing I want to see is this project, which I believe has potential, die because of my ineptitude.

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