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Hi everybody ! I really need your help ! Combat-Alpha is in the last right line. But... yersterday when I testing last map on and other computer with ultra wide monitor, i will encounter GAME_TEXT bug :(

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Hi ! :)

I've problem with game_text into hammer. (modding for EP2.)

I put game_text with default option and display it in game.

I test with 1920x1080 resolution and everything is working good. The text is correctely displayed in the center of the screen.

But, If I test on other monitor like 3440x1440, the game text will be cut to the right ...

A little bit the same as this post :

But the only difference is mine is center with default parameters of the entities.

I've this problem with all of game_text when playing ultra wide resolution like 3440x1440.

Anyone can be help please ? :)

Thank you to all !

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Hi, i've "solved" the problem by change "x pos" to "0.10". It put the text a little bit more to the left but it's entire visible.

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