"I DISCOVERED AN AWESOME INDIE AT RAGE TODAY" NAG Online Article about Pixel Boy at the rAge Expo 2013

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After the first day of rAge Expo 2013 there have been so many exciting developments. We loved the show, and we loved that so many people stopped by and said hello and played Pixel Boy. There are so many things to write about so we are going to save them for a recap once the show is over. For the time being, take a look at this article from NAG Online about Pixel Boy at rAge Expo.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

"So when I got to rAge this morning, I quickly found my way to the home_coded section, where there were a ton of locally developed indies on show. I tried my hand at all of them; some quirky, some fun, some that still needed a little work. But one game in particular really impressed me.
That game was Pixel Boy, an addictive RPG from local developer Giant Box Games. What really made it a great experience was one of the developers of the game, Dominic Obojkovits, was on hand to talk me through it as I played.His passion and enthusiasm for the game was obvious, and it shows as soon as you start playing. There’s been a lot of thought put into the actual gameplay, how a person picking it up for the first time would experience it; something I felt was lacking in some of the other titles on show. It can be difficult when you’re so deeply invested in a game to see it the same way a pair of fresh eyes would, but this is something Giant Box has pulled off beautifully."

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