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Version 1.1.8 is online, featuring mostly fixes and fine-tunings, but lets see in detail what it has to offer!

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Hi there!

Lately I had less free time to post updates about about my games, but I just released a tiny new update for I Am Overburdened and I have some news/plans to share so here comes a short entry ;)


Version 1.1.8 is online, featuring mostly fixes and fine-tunings, but lets see in detail what it has to offer!

Achievement bug fixed

Due to some timing and file-reading mistakes in rare cases some achievements were not unlocked. The boss, monsters and the four artifact unlocking related trophies may have been affected for some players.
Now the problem is solved and I added an extra step to the startup logic of the game so that achievements missed by previous versions will be unlocked automatically (e.g.: if you unlocked all the monsters, but the achievement is missing).

My apologies for each of you who run into this problem.

Item pickup and shop enhancements

Item pickups (especially buying one in the shop) bugged quite a few people, due to not knowing what kind of item one receives. I wanted to leave item collection as a "mystery" and unlocking artifacts being both a reward and a learning process, but I understand the inconvenience of this. To alleviate it a little I added a simple item slot notification when the player moves next to an artifact.

Another hopefully useful addition is the "same item speech" in the shop, which triggered before when you tried to pick up an item you already own, but now it triggers before buying items you have equipped too.

What's next?

Finally the Mac and Linux ports are getting closer to the finish line and the save-game feature is already functional :) ! It will still take a week or two to stabilize and complete them, but they are next in line and will be out later this month ;)

Anything longer term?

I'm also working on a bigger update. I may have mentioned it before, but it is still too early to show anything in action, however it will see the light of day by the end of summer.

My long term plans are a bit vague at the moment. I think I have clear goals in my mind, but no exact plans on how I could reach them. I want to deliver more updates for I Am Overburdened and I would love to port it to multiple platforms (console and mobile to be exact), but I don't really have the resources nor the contacts to really do it. Will see what the future holds...

As always if you have useful tips for me, any suggestions or critique, I'm all ears.
Drop me a comment or a mail!

Thanks for reading my post and for your continued support.
Take care!

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