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This game is rare, but it is not the blue Mauritius Post Office stamp... Pay attention when buying it!

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As of September 8th 2021, you can buy Star Trek Elite Force II and other Star Trek Activision classics on

We have noticed that many have great concerns as to how to aquire a copy of Elite Force II. These days they ask up to 119 USD on ebay for the game, there is just one word for this EXTORTION. I remember seeing it once on for 189 USD! Granted that game is rare and there might be some collectors, but the game is defenetly NOT THAT rare!

If you want to get your own copy of the game here are some tips that might help you.

1. You don't need to buy a sealed new original, because the CD-Key is not bound to an account.
2. You can find a cheaper copy on ebay Germany ( force II&_sop=15) or UK ( force ii&_sop=15 ), there is a MOD to change the game its language (
3. You can resell your copy once you are done with it, it won't louse on value
4. You should buy a Windows Version as we might not be able to compile/port future versions for mac.
5. The extra map of the limited UK edition can be downloaded online for free for other game versions.
6. Paying more for the game doesn't benefit the developer nor the publisher, only the seller profits from that.

If you have the game already but having difficulties with the installation on Windows 7 this Tutorial( ) might be Helpful for you.


I'd certainly be interested in playing some Co-op. I'm very busy with work and finals coming up; but I'm sure I could find a little time for this. Also, great job on explaining this. It is unbelievable how high the price for this game can be. Hopefully this will help.

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Haha... now I'm glad I got EF1 + Expansion and EF2 on Ebay last year. Got 'em for pretty reasonable prices too.

Too bad folks are trying rip people off with those 100+USD pricetags. That's just plain wrong.

Anyways... excellent games. I'd be willing to get together with some folks on ModDB for a few games sometime. :)

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