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Hyphen now available to pre order from our website & great Hyphen review by Average Gamer.

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Hyphen available to pre order

We are now accepting pre orders for Hyphen. We realise that it's unusual to make a game that isn't sold on physical medium available for pre order as there is no chance of it selling out, but we have good reasons for doing so.

We are a very small startup company and are looking to port Hyphen to as many platforms as possible, we cannot however currently afford to buy an Apple Mac (required for porting to Mac OSX), the licenses required for porting to Mac OSX, iOS and Android and also the fees for greenlight and other store submissions.

At this point we are relying on hopefully selling enough copies of the Windows version of Hyphen via free stores and our site to allow us to buy the things we require for porting. Of course if this is the way we have to do it we will just accept that and it takes as long as it takes. However if you were to consider pre ordering Hyphen it would go a long way to speeding up our ability to take Hyphen cross platform.

As well as doing us a favour you will also be making a saving of 12.5% on the planned full retail price of £3.99. There is also the ability to pre order a digital copy of the original soundtrack as well as add a little extra to help support our porting funds even more!

Hyphen can be pre ordered from

All pre orders will be sent out digitally when the game is released, the currently planned release date is mid September. We will keep any pre order buyers up to date via email.

If you haven't played Hyphen yet, check out the Pre-release demo for Windows

Hyphen Pre-release Demo

Average Gamer review

In other news Average Gamer ( have reviewed the Pre-Release demo of Hyphen. The review is great but the real star of the show is the video - it is hilarious. Check it out at the Average Gamer Hyphen Review Page

For your convenience we have embedded the video below:-


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